Jan von Langermann
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Carbon dioxide and formic acid—the couple for environmental-friendly hydrogen storage?
S Enthaler, J von Langermann, T Schmidt
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (9), 1207-1217, 2010
Biocatalysis in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
U Kragl, J Schumacher, S Dreyer, J Lembrecht
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J Andexer, J von Langermann, A Mell, M Bocola, U Kragl, T Eggert, ...
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Frontispiece: Application of In Situ Product Crystallization and Related Techniques in Biocatalytic Processes
D Hülsewede, LE Meyer, J von Langermann
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Hydroxynitrile Lyase in Organic Solvent‐Free Systems to Overcome Thermodynamic Limitations
J von Langermann, A Mell, E Paetzold, T Daußmann, U Kragl
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Development of an in situ‐Product Crystallization (ISPC)‐Concept to Shift the Reaction Equilibria of Selected Amine Transaminase‐Catalyzed Reactions
D Hülsewede, M Tänzler, P Süss, A Mildner, U Menyes, ...
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J von Langermann, M Kaspereit, M Shakeri, H Lorenz, M Hedberg, ...
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D Hülsewede, JN Dohm, J von Langermann
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Adsorbent-based downstream-processing of the decarboxylase-based synthesis of 2, 6-dihydroxy-4-methylbenzoic acid
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Hydroxynitrile Lyase‐Catalyzed Synthesis of Enantiopure Cyanohydrins in Biocatalytic Active Static Emulsions (BASE) with Suppression of the Non‐Enzymatic Side Reaction
J von Langermann, S Wapenhensch
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 356 (14‐15), 2989-2997, 2014
Preparation and characterization of enzyme compartments in UV-Cured polyurethane-based materials and their application in enzymatic reactions
D Uhrich, J Von Langermann
Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 310629, 2017
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