Xiao Li (李潇)
Xiao Li (李潇)
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, City University of Hong Kong
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Quantum simulation of a Fermi-Hubbard model using a semiconductor quantum dot array
T Hensgens, T Fujita, L Janssen, X Li, CJ Van Diepen, C Reichl, ...
Nature 548, 70, 2017
Single-particle mobility edge in a one-dimensional quasiperiodic optical lattice
HP Lüschen, S Scherg, T Kohlert, M Schreiber, P Bordia, X Li, SD Sarma, ...
Physical review letters 120 (16), 160404, 2018
Observation of Many-Body Localization in a One-Dimensional System with a Single-Particle Mobility Edge
T Kohlert, S Scherg, X Li, HP Lüschen, SD Sarma, I Bloch, M Aidelsburger
Physical Review Letters 122 (17), 170403, 2019
Mobility edges in one-dimensional bichromatic incommensurate potentials
X Li, X Li, SD Sarma
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Unconventional quantum hall effect and tunable spin hall effect in dirac materials: application to an isolated MoS 2 trilayer
X Li, F Zhang, Q Niu
Physical review letters 110 (6), 066803, 2013
Magnetic control of the valley degree of freedom of massive Dirac fermions with application to transition metal dichalcogenides
T Cai, SA Yang, X Li, F Zhang, J Shi, W Yao, Q Niu
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Microscopic theory of quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene
Z Qiao, H Jiang, X Li, Y Yao, Q Niu
Physical Review B 85 (11), 115439, 2012
Mobility edge and intermediate phase in one-dimensional incommensurate lattice potentials
X Li, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 101 (6), 064203, 2020
Machine learning many-body localization: Search for the elusive nonergodic metal
YT Hsu, X Li, DL Deng, SD Sarma
Physical Review Letters 121, 245701, 2018
Valley-splitting and valley-dependent inter-Landau-level optical transitions in monolayer MoS 2 quantum Hall systems
RL Chu, X Li, S Wu, Q Niu, W Yao, X Xu, C Zhang
Physical Review B 90 (4), 045427, 2014
Butterfly effect in interacting Aubry-Andre model: Thermalization, slow scrambling, and many-body localization
S Xu, X Li, YT Hsu, B Swingle, SD Sarma
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 032039, 2019
Weyl fermions with arbitrary monopoles in magnetic fields: Landau levels, longitudinal magnetotransport, and density-wave ordering
X Li, B Roy, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 94 (19), 195144, 2016
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Z Qiao, X Li, WK Tse, H Jiang, Y Yao, Q Niu
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Type-II Dirac surface states in topological crystalline insulators
CK Chiu, YH Chan, X Li, Y Nohara, AP Schnyder
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Exciton-polaritons in transition-metal dichalcogenides and their direct excitation via energy transfer
YN Gartstein, X Li, C Zhang
Physical Review B 92 (07), 075445, 2015
Spontaneous Layer-Pseudospin Domain Walls in Bilayer Graphene
X Li, F Zhang, Q Niu, AH MacDonald
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SU (3) Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism in SnTe
X Li, F Zhang, AH MacDonald
Physical Review Letters 116 (2), 026803, 2016
Fermionic many-body localization for random and quasiperiodic systems in the presence of short-and long-range interactions
DD Vu, K Huang, X Li, SD Sarma
Physical Review Letters 128 (14), 146601, 2022
Exact mobility edges in the non-Hermitian model: Theory and possible experimental realizations
X Xia, K Huang, S Wang, X Li
Physical Review B 105 (1), 014207, 2022
Phonon scattering induced carrier resistivity in twisted double-bilayer graphene
X Li, F Wu, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 101 (24), 245436, 2020
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