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Iron formation: the sedimentary product of a complex interplay among mantle, tectonic, oceanic, and biospheric processes
A Bekker, JF Slack, N Planavsky, B Krapez, A Hofmann, KO Konhauser, ...
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OJ Rouxel, A Bekker, KJ Edwards
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Evidence for oxygenic photosynthesis half a billion years before the Great Oxidation Event
NJ Planavsky, D Asael, A Hofmann, CT Reinhard, SV Lalonde, ...
Nature Geoscience 7 (4), 283-286, 2014
Rare earth element and yttrium compositions of Archean and Paleoproterozoic Fe formations revisited: new perspectives on the significance and mechanisms of deposition
N Planavsky, A Bekker, OJ Rouxel, B Kamber, A Hofmann, A Knudsen, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (22), 6387-6405, 2010
Metal stable isotopes in paleoceanography
AD Anbar, O Rouxel
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 35 (1), 717-746, 2007
The evolution of the marine phosphate reservoir
NJ Planavsky, OJ Rouxel, A Bekker, SV Lalonde, KO Konhauser, ...
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Mass spectrometry and natural variations of iron isotopes
N Dauphas, O Rouxel
Mass Spectrometry Reviews 25 (4), 515-550, 2006
Aerobic bacterial pyrite oxidation and acid rock drainage during the Great Oxidation Event
KO Konhauser, SV Lalonde, NJ Planavsky, E Pecoits, TW Lyons, ...
Nature 478 (7369), 369-373, 2011
Suboxic deep seawater in the late Paleoproterozoic: evidence from hematitic chert and iron formation related to seafloor-hydrothermal sulfide deposits, central Arizona, USA
JF Slack, T Grenne, A Bekker, OJ Rouxel, PA Lindberg
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Iron isotope fractionation during oceanic crust alteration
O Rouxel, N Dobbek, J Ludden, Y Fouquet
Chemical Geology 202 (1-2), 155-182, 2003
Subsurface processes at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: evidence from sulfur, selenium, and iron isotopes
O Rouxel, Y Fouquet, JN Ludden
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68 (10), 2295-2311, 2004
Integrated Fe-and S-isotope study of seafloor hydrothermal vents at East Pacific Rise 9–10 N
O Rouxel, WC Shanks III, W Bach, KJ Edwards
Chemical Geology 252 (3-4), 214-227, 2008
Evidence for microbial carbon and sulfur cycling in deeply buried ridge flank basalt
MA Lever, O Rouxel, JC Alt, N Shimizu, S Ono, RM Coggon, ...
Science 339 (6125), 1305-1308, 2013
Preservation of iron (II) by carbon-rich matrices in a hydrothermal plume
BM Toner, SC Fakra, SJ Manganini, CM Santelli, MA Marcus, JW Moffett, ...
Nature Geoscience 2 (3), 197-201, 2009
Iron isotope systematics
N Dauphas, SG John, O Rouxel
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 82 (1), 415-510, 2017
Iron formations: Their origins and implications for ancient seawater chemistry
A Bekker, N Planavsky, B Rasmussen, B Krapez, A Hofmann, J Slack, ...
Treatise on geochemistry 12, 561-628, 2014
Iron-oxidizing microbial ecosystems thrived in late Paleoproterozoic redox-stratified oceans
N Planavsky, O Rouxel, A Bekker, R Shapiro, P Fralick, A Knudsen
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 286 (1-2), 230-242, 2009
Copper isotope systematics of the Lucky Strike, Rainbow, and Logatchev sea-floor hydrothermal fields on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
O Rouxel, Y Fouquet, JN Ludden
Economic Geology 99 (3), 585-600, 2004
Geodiversity of hydrothermal processes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and ultramafic-hosted mineralization: A new type of oceanic Cu-Zn-Co-Au volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit
Y Fouquet, P Cambon, JL Etoubleau, JL Charlou, HLN OndréAs, ...
Diversity Of Hydrothermal Systems On Slow Spreading Ocean Ridges Diversity …, 2013
S-33 constraints on the seawater sulfate contribution in modern seafloor hydrothermal vent sulfides
S Ono, WC Shanks III, OJ Rouxel, D Rumble
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (5), 1170-1182, 2007
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