Desiree Leistenschneider
Desiree Leistenschneider
Postdoctoral Fellow Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
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Revising the concept of pore hierarchy for ionic transport in carbon materials for supercapacitors
L Borchardt, D Leistenschneider, J Haase, M Dvoyashkin
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (24), 1800892, 2018
Nitrogen‐doped biomass‐derived carbon formed by Mechanochemical synthesis for lithium–sulfur batteries
C Schneidermann, C Kensy, P Otto, S Oswald, L Giebeler, ...
ChemSusChem 12 (1), 310-319, 2019
Nanoimprint lithography of nanoporous carbon materials for micro-supercapacitor architectures
S Lochmann, J Grothe, K Eckhardt, D Leistenschneider, L Borchardt, ...
Nanoscale 10 (21), 10109-10115, 2018
Mechanochemical synthesis of N-doped porous carbon at room temperature
ME Casco, S Kirchhoff, D Leistenschneider, M Rauche, E Brunner, ...
Nanoscale 11 (11), 4712-4718, 2019
Tailored mesoporous carbon/vanadium pentoxide hybrid electrodes for high power pseudocapacitive lithium and sodium intercalation
S Fleischmann, D Leistenschneider, V Lemkova, B Krüner, M Zeiger, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (20), 8653-8662, 2017
Electrolyte mobility in supercapacitor electrodes–Solid state NMR studies on hierarchical and narrow pore sized carbons
N Fulik, F Hippauf, D Leistenschneider, S Paasch, S Kaskel, E Brunner, ...
Energy Storage Materials 12, 183-190, 2018
Bioinspired carbide-derived carbons with hierarchical pore structure for the adsorptive removal of mercury from aqueous solution
C Fischer, M Oschatz, W Nickel, D Leistenschneider, S Kaskel, E Brunner
Chemical Communications 53 (35), 4845-4848, 2017
Mechanochemistry-assisted synthesis of hierarchical porous carbons applied as supercapacitors
D Leistenschneider, N Jäckel, F Hippauf, V Presser, L Borchardt
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 13 (1), 1332-1341, 2017
Mechanochemical functionalization of carbon black at room temperature
D Leistenschneider, K Zürbes, C Schneidermann, S Grätz, S Oswald, ...
C 4 (1), 14, 2018
Tailoring the porosity of a mesoporous carbon by a solvent-free mechanochemical approach
D Leistenschneider, K Wegner, C Eßbach, M Sander, C Schneidermann, ...
Carbon 147, 43-50, 2019
Revealing the Impact of Hierarchical Pore Organization in Supercapacitor Electrodes by Coupling Ionic Dynamics at Micro‐and Macroscales
M Dvoyashkin, D Leistenschneider, JD Evans, M Sander, L Borchardt
Advanced Energy Materials 11 (24), 2100700, 2021
Upcycling of polyurethane waste by mechanochemistry: synthesis of N-doped porous carbon materials for supercapacitor applications
C Schneidermann, P Otto, D Leistenschneider, S Grätz, C Eßbach, ...
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 10 (1), 1618-1627, 2019
In Situ Generation of Electrolyte inside Pyridine‐Based Covalent Triazine Frameworks for Direct Supercapacitor Integration
E Troschke, D Leistenschneider, T Rensch, S Grätz, J Maschita, S Ehrling, ...
ChemSusChem 13 (12), 3192-3198, 2020
The role of carbon electrodes pore size distribution on the formation of the cathode–electrolyte interphase in lithium–sulfur batteries
C Kensy, D Leistenschneider, S Wang, H Tanaka, S Dörfler, K Kaneko, ...
Batteries & Supercaps 4 (4), 612-622, 2021
The “In Situ Electrolyte” Concept: Using Activation Chemicals as Electrolytes for Carbon‐Based Supercapacitors
D Leistenschneider, C Schneidermann, F Hippauf, S Grätz, L Borchardt
Advanced Sustainable Systems 2 (12), 1800087, 2018
Spinel Type Mn− Co Oxide Coated Carbon Fibers as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Zinc‐Air Batteries
Z Abedi, D Leistenschneider, W Chen, DG Ivey
Batteries & Supercaps 5 (2), e202100339, 2022
Solid-state transformation of aqueous to organic electrolyte–Enhancing the operating voltage window of ‘in situ electrolyte’supercapacitors
D Leistenschneider, LH Heß, A Balducci, L Borchardt
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4 (5), 2438-2447, 2020
Asphaltene thermal treatment and optimization of oxidation conditions of low-cost asphaltene-derived carbon fibers
P Zuo, D Leistenschneider, Y Kim, Z Abedi, DG Ivey, X Zhang, W Chen
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 104, 427-436, 2021
Superior Performance of Electrochemical Double Layer Supercapacitor Made with Asphaltene Derived Activated Carbon Fibers
Z Abedi, D Leistenschneider, W Chen, DG Ivey
Energy Technology 8 (12), 2000588, 2020
A mechanism study of acid-assisted oxidative stabilization of asphaltene-derived carbon fibers
D Leistenschneider, P Zuo, Y Kim, Z Abedi, DG Ivey, A de Klerk, X Zhang, ...
Carbon Trends 5, 100090, 2021
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