Sang-Hoon Nam, PhD
Sang-Hoon Nam, PhD
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Influence of Sn content on PtSn/C catalysts for electrooxidation of C 1–C 3 alcohols: Synthesis, characterization, and electrocatalytic activity
JH Kim, SM Choi, SH Nam, MH Seo, SH Choi, WB Kim
Applied catalysis B: environmental 82 (1), 89-102, 2008
Ag or Au Nanoparticle-Embedded One-Dimensional Composite TiO2 Nanofibers Prepared via Electrospinning for Use in Lithium-Ion Batteries
SH Nam, HS Shim, YS Kim, MA Dar, JG Kim, WB Kim
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2 (7), 2046-2052, 2010
Electrospun bimetallic nanowires of PtRh and PtRu with compositional variation for methanol electrooxidation
YS Kim, SH Nam, HS Shim, HJ Ahn, M Anand, WB Kim
Electrochemistry Communications 10 (7), 1016-1019, 2008
Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties of self-assembled leaf-like CuO nanostructures
MA Dar, SH Nam, YS Kim, WB Kim
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 14, 1719-1726, 2010
Fabrication of an Efficient Light‐Scattering Functionalized Photoanode Using Periodically Aligned ZnO Hemisphere Crystals for Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells
KS Kim, H Song, SH Nam, SM Kim, H Jeong, WB Kim, GY Jung
Advanced Materials 24 (6), 792-798, 2012
Preferential CO oxidation over supported noble metal catalysts
YH Kim, ED Park, HC Lee, D Lee, KH Lee
Catalysis Today 146 (1-2), 253-259, 2009
Efficient photovoltaic device fashioned of highly aligned multilayers of electrospun TiO2 nanowire array with conjugated polymer
HS Shim, SI Na, SH Nam, HJ Ahn, HJ Kim, DY Kim, WB Kim
Applied Physics Letters 92 (18), 2008
SnO2 Nanorod-Planted Graphite: An Effective Nanostructure Configuration for Reversible Lithium Ion Storage
JG Kim, SH Nam, SH Lee, SM Choi, WB Kim
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (3), 828-835, 2011
Localized Surface Plasmon-Enhanced Ultrathin Film Broadband Nanoporous Absorbers
TJZ Jin You Lu, Sang Hoon Nam, Kyle Wilke, Aikifa Raza, Yoonkyung E. Lee ...
Advanced Optical Materials, 2016
Probing the lithium ion storage properties of positively and negatively carved silicon
SH Nam, KS Kim, HS Shim, SH Lee, GY Jung, WB Kim
Nano letters 11 (9), 3656-3662, 2011
Synthesis, characterization, and electrocatalytic properties of a polypyrrole-composited Pd/C catalyst
MH Seo, EJ Lim, SM Choi, SH Nam, HJ Kim, WB Kim
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 (18), 11545-11553, 2011
Carbon-supported PtNi catalysts for electrooxidation of cyclohexane to benzene over polymer electrolyte fuel cells
HJ Kim, SM Choi, SH Nam, MH Seo, WB Kim
Catalysis Today 146 (1-2), 9-14, 2009
A flame retarding separator with improved thermal stability for safe lithium-ion batteries
SHM J.-J. Woo, S. H. Nam
Electrochemistry Communications 35, 68-71, 2013
Effect of Rh content on carbon-supported PtRh catalysts for dehydrogenative electrooxidation of cyclohexane to benzene over polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
HJ Kim, SM Choi, SH Nam, MH Seo, WB Kim
Applied Catalysis A: General 352 (1-2), 145-151, 2009
Standing pillar arrays of C-coated hollow SnO 2 mesoscale tubules for a highly stable lithium ion storage electrode
JG Kim, SH Lee, SH Nam, SM Choi, WB Kim
RSC advances 2 (20), 7829-7836, 2012
Honeycomb pattern array of vertically standing core-shell nanorods: Its application to Li energy electrodes
YS Kim, HJ Ahn, SH Nam, SH Lee, HS Shim, WB Kim
Applied Physics Letters 93 (10), 2008
Octave-spanning mid-infrared femtosecond OPA in a ZnGeP2 pumped by a 2.4 μm Cr:ZnSe chirped-pulse amplifier
SH Nam, V Fedorov, S Mirov, KH Hong
Optics Express 28 (22), 32403-32414, 2020
Ultrafast fluorescent decay induced by metal-mediated dipole-dipole interaction in two-dimensional molecular aggregates
NXF Qing Hu, Dafei Jin, Sang Hoon Nam, Jun Xiao, Yongmin Liu, Xiang Zhang > physics > arXiv:1603.08266, 2016
Electrochemical benzene hydrogenation using PtRhM/C (M= W, Pd, or Mo) electrocatalysts over a polymer electrolyte fuel cell system
SM Choi, JS Yoon, HJ Kim, SH Nam, MH Seo, WB Kim
Applied Catalysis A: General 359 (1-2), 136-143, 2009
Copper nanofiber-networked cobalt oxide composites for high performance Li-ion batteries
SH Nam, YS Kim, HS Shim, JG Kim, WB Kim
Nanoscale research letters 6, 1-7, 2011
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