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Effectiveness of O-bridged cationic gemini surfactants as corrosion inhibitors for stainless steel in 3 M HCl: Experimental and theoretical studies
O Kaczerewska, R Leiva-Garcia, R Akid, B Brycki, I Kowalczyk, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 249, 1113-1124, 2018
Evaluation of Alloy 146, 279, 900, and 926 sensitization to intergranular corrosion by means of electrochemical methods and image analysis
R Leiva-García, MJ Muñoz-Portero, J García-Antón
Corrosion science 51 (9), 2080-2091, 2009
Corrosion behaviour of sensitized and unsensitized Alloy 900 (UNS 1.4462) in concentrated aqueous lithium bromide solutions at different temperatures
R Leiva-García, MJ Muñoz-Portero, J García-Antón
Corrosion science 52 (3), 950-959, 2010
Pourbaix diagrams for titanium in concentrated aqueous lithium bromide solutions at 25° C
MJ Muñoz-Portero, J García-Antón, JL Guiñón, R Leiva-García
Corrosion science 53 (4), 1440-1450, 2011
Study of the sensitisation process of a duplex stainless steel (UNS 1.4462) by means of confocal microscopy and localised electrochemical techniques
R Leiva-García, JCS Fernandes, MJ Muñoz-Portero, J Garcia-Anton
Corrosion Science 94, 327-341, 2015
Characterization of thermal oxide films formed on a duplex stainless steel by means of confocal-Raman microscopy and electrochemical techniques
R Sánchez-Tovar, R Leiva-García, J García-Antón
Thin Solid Films 576, 1-10, 2015
Efficiency of cationic gemini surfactants with 3-azamethylpentamethylene spacer as corrosion inhibitors for stainless steel in hydrochloric acid
O Kaczerewska, R Leiva-Garcia, R Akid, B Brycki
Journal of Molecular Liquids 247, 6-13, 2017
Contribution to the elucidation of corrosion initiation through confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)
R Leiva-García, J García-Antón, MJ Muñoz-Portero
Corrosion science 52 (6), 2133-2142, 2010
Gemini surfactant as multifunctional corrosion and biocorrosion inhibitors for mild steel
M Pakiet, I Kowalczyk, RL Garcia, R Moorcroft, T Nichol, T Smith, R Akid, ...
Bioelectrochemistry 128, 252-262, 2019
Study of the sensitisation of a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel, Alloy 926 (UNS N08926), by means of scanning electrochemical microscopy
R Leiva-García, R Akid, D Greenfield, J Gittens, MJ Muñoz-Portero, ...
Electrochimica acta 70, 105-111, 2012
Influence of different counterions on gemini surfactants with polyamine platform as corrosion inhibitors for stainless steel AISI 304 in 3 M HCl
M Pakiet, IH Kowalczyk, RL Garcia, R Akid, BE Brycki
Journal of Molecular Liquids 268, 824-831, 2018
Simulation of stress-assisted localised corrosion using a cellular automaton finite element approach
OO Fatoba, R Leiva-Garcia, SV Lishchuk, NO Larrosa, R Akid
Corrosion Science 137, 83-97, 2018
Detection of corrosion pits based on an analytically optimised eddy current sensor
L Yin, B Ye, S Rodriguez, R Leiva, X Meng, R Akid, W Yin, M Lu
Insight-Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring 60 (10), 561-567, 2018
Effect of welding on the corrosion behaviour of a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel UNS N06027 in polluted phosphoric acid media
S Bakour, A Guenbour, A Bellaouchou, C Escrivá Cerdán, ...
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 7 (11), 10530-10543, 2012
Improvement of the electrochemical behaviour of Zn-electroplated steel using regenerated Cr (III) passivation baths
J García-Antón, RM Fernández-Domene, R Sánchez-Tovar, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 111, 402-409, 2014
Strain evolution around corrosion pits under fatigue loading
C Evans, R Leiva-Garcia, R Akid
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 95, 253-260, 2018
Study of passive films formed on AISI 316L stainless steel in non-polluted and underwater-volcano-polluted seawater
RM Fernández-Domene, R Sánchez-Tovar, C Escrivà-Cerdán, ...
Corrosion 70 (4), 390-401, 2014
Confocal laser scanning microscopy for the study of the morphological changes of the postextraction sites
A García‐Herraiz, R Leiva‐García, A Cañigral‐Ortiz, FJ Silvestre, ...
Microscopy research and technique 75 (4), 513-519, 2012
Heteroatoms and π electrons as favorable factors for efficient corrosion protection
O Kaczerewska, R Leiva‐Garcia, R Akid, B Brycki, I Kowalczyk, ...
Materials and Corrosion 70 (6), 1099-1110, 2019
Role of Modern Localised Electrochemical Techniques to Evaluate the Corrosion on Heterogeneous Surfaces
R Leiva-García, R Sánchez-Tovar, C Escrivà-Cerdán, J García-Antón
Modern Electrochemical Methods in Nano, Surface and Corrosion Science, 239, 2014
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