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Coronin involved in phagocytosis: dynamics of particle-induced relocalization visualized by a green fluorescent protein Tag
M Maniak, R Rauchenberger, R Albrecht, J Murphy, G Gerisch
Cell 83 (6), 915-924, 1995
Lack of beta 1 integrin gene in embryonic stem cells affects morphology, adhesion, and migration but not integration into the inner cell mass of blastocysts.
R Fässler, M Pfaff, J Murphy, AA Noegel, S Johansson, R Timpl, ...
The Journal of cell biology 128 (5), 979-988, 1995
Fluid-phase uptake by macropinocytosis in Dictyostelium
U Hacker, R Albrecht, M Maniak
Journal of Cell Science 110 (2), 105-112, 1997
Dictyostelium mutants lacking the cytoskeletal protein coronin are defective in cytokinesis and cell motility.
EL de Hostos, C Rehfueß, B Bradtke, DR Waddell, R Albrecht, J Murphy, ...
The Journal of cell biology 120 (1), 163-173, 1993
The role of the cortical cytoskeleton: F-actin crosslinking proteins protect against osmotic stress, ensure cell size, cell shape and motility, and contribute to phagocytosis …
F Rivero, B Köppel, B Peracino, S Bozzaro, F Siegert, CJ Weijer, ...
Journal of Cell Science 109 (11), 2679-2691, 1996
Chemoattractant-controlled accumulation of coronin at the leading edge of Dictyostelium cells monitored using a green fluorescent protein–coronin fusion protein
G Gerisch, R Albrecht, C Heizer, S Hodgkinson, M Maniak
Current Biology 5 (11), 1280-1285, 1995
Microtubule-mediated centrosome motility and the positioning of cleavage furrows in multinucleate myosin II-null cells
R Neujahr, R Albrecht, J Köhler, M Matzner, JM Schwartz, M Westphal, ...
Journal of cell science 111 (9), 1227-1240, 1998
Myristoylated and non‐myristoylated forms of the pH sensor protein hisactophilin II: intracellular shuttling to plasma membrane and nucleus monitored in real time by a fusion …
F Hanakam, R Albrecht, C Eckerskorn, M Matzner, G Gerisch
The EMBO journal 15 (12), 2935-2943, 1996
Motility and substratum adhesion of Dictyostelium wild-type and cytoskeletal mutant cells: a study by RICM/bright-field double-view image analysis
I Weber, E Wallraff, R Albrecht, G Gerisch
Journal of cell science 108 (4), 1519-1530, 1995
The IQGAP-related protein DGAP1 interacts with Rac and is involved in the modulation of the F-actin cytoskeleton and control of cell motility
J Faix, C Clougherty, A Konzok, U Mintert, J Murphy, R Albrecht, ...
Journal of cell science 111 (20), 3059-3071, 1998
Assessing the role of the ASP56/CAP homologue of Dictyostelium discoideum and the requirements for subcellular localization
AA Noegel, F Rivero, R Albrecht, KP Janssen, J Köhler, CA Parent, ...
Journal of cell science 112 (19), 3195-3203, 1999
The in vivo role of annexin VII (synexin): characterization of an annexin VII deficient Dictyostelium mutant indicates an involvement in Ca2+-regulated processes
V Döring, F Veretout, R Albrecht, B Mühlbauer, C Schlatterer, ...
Journal of cell science 108 (5), 2065-2076, 1995
Three-dimensional Patterns and Redistribution of Myosin II and Actin in Mitotic Dictyostelium Cells
R Neujahr, C Heizer, R Albrecht, M Ecke, JM Schwartz, I Weber, ...
The Journal of cell biology 139 (7), 1793-1804, 1997
RacF1, a Novel Member of the Rho Protein Family inDictyostelium discoideum, Associates Transiently with Cell Contact Areas, Macropinosomes, and Phagosomes
F Rivero, R Albrecht, H Dislich, E Bracco, L Graciotti, S Bozzaro, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 10 (4), 1205-1219, 1999
Spontaneous and cationic lipid-mediated uptake of antisense oligonucleotides in human monocytes and lymphocytes
G Hartmann, A Krug, M Bidlingmaier, U Hacker, A Eigler, R Albrecht, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 285 (2), 920-928, 1998
Actin-associated proteins in motility and chemotaxis of Dictyostelium cells.
G Gerisch, R Albrecht, E De Hostos, E Wallraff, C Heizer, M Kreitmeier, ...
Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology 47, 297-315, 1993
HREM investigation of highly strained inorganic glasses of different compositions
J Hopfe, R Albrecht, R Hillebrand, A Pippel, V Schmidt
Ultramicroscopy 15 (1-2), 71-80, 1984
Image processing for combined bright-field and reflection interference contrast video microscopy
I Weber, R Albrecht
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 53 (2), 113-118, 1997
The damage process preceding semi‐brittle fracture in dependence on deformation I. scanning microscopie in‐situ studies of microcracks in NaCl crystals
R Albrecht, V Schmidt, VI Betekhtin
physica status solidi (a) 39 (2), 621-630, 1977
Computer simulation of HREM images of network models of SiO2 glass
V Schmidt, R Hillebrand, R Albrecht, W Neumann, B Müller
Ultramicroscopy 17 (4), 357-364, 1985
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