Ardeshir Ebtehaj
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Rule-based fuzzy system for assessing groundwater vulnerability
A Afshar, MA Marino, M Ebtehaj, J Moosavi
Journal of Environmental Engineering 133 (5), 532-540, 2007
Improving robustness of hydrologic parameter estimation by the use of moving block bootstrap resampling
M Ebtehaj, H Moradkhani, HV Gupta
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Shrunken Locally Linear Embedding for Passive Microwave Retrieval of Precipitation
AM Ebtehaj, RL Bras, E Foufoula-Georgiou
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Orographic signature on multiscale statistics of extreme rainfall: A storm‐scale study
M Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
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On variational downscaling, fusion, and assimilation of hydrometeorological states: A unified framework via regularization
AM Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
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Sparse regularization for precipitation downscaling
AM Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou, G Lerman
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Microwave retrievals of terrestrial precipitation over snow‐covered surfaces: A lesson from the GPM satellite
AM Ebtehaj, CD Kummerow
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Dynamical precipitation downscaling for hydrologic applications using WRF 4D-Var data assimilation: Implications for GPM era
LF Lin, AM Ebtehaj, RL Bras, AN Flores, J Wang
Journal of Hydrometeorology 16 (2), 811-829, 2015
Downscaling Satellite Precipitation with Emphasis on Extremes: A Variational ℓ1-Norm Regularization in the Derivative Domain
E Foufoula-Georgiou, AM Ebtehaj, SQ Zhang, AY Hou
The Earth's Hydrological Cycle, 765-783, 2013
Variational Data Assimilation via Sparse Regularisation
Ebtehaj, Zupanski, Lerman, Foufoula-Georgiou
Tellus A 66 (21789), 2014
Soil moisture background error covariance and data assimilation in a coupled land‐atmosphere model
LF Lin, AM Ebtehaj, J Wang, RL Bras
Water Resources Research 53 (2), 1309-1335, 2017
Statistics of precipitation reflectivity images and cascade of Gaussian‐scale mixtures in the wavelet domain: A formalism for reproducing extremes and coherent multiscale …
M Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
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Evaluation of ShARP passive rainfall retrievals over snow-covered land surfaces and coastal zones
AM Ebtehaj, RL Bras, E Foufoula-Georgiou
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Adaptive fusion of multisensor precipitation using Gaussian‐scale mixtures in the wavelet domain
AM Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 116 (D22), 2011
Combined assimilation of satellite precipitation and soil moisture: A case study using trmm and smos data
LF Lin, AM Ebtehaj, AN Flores, S Bastola, RL Bras
Monthly Weather Review 145 (12), 4997-5014, 2017
Spatial scale gap filling using an unmanned aerial system: A statistical downscaling method for applications in precision agriculture
L Hassan-Esfahani, AM Ebtehaj, A Torres-Rua, M McKee
Sensors 17 (9), 2106, 2017
Bias‐corrected data sets of climate model outputs at uniform space–time resolution for land surface modelling over Amazonia
S Moghim, SL McKnight, K Zhang, AM Ebtehaj, RG Knox, RL Bras, ...
International Journal of Climatology 37 (2), 621-636, 2017
A multi-sensor data-driven methodology for all-sky passive microwave inundation retrieval
Z Takbiri, AM Ebtehaj, E Foufoula-Georgiou
arXiv preprint arXiv:1807.03803, 2018
Coping with model error in variational data assimilation using optimal mass transport
L Ning, FP Carli, AM Ebtehaj, E Foufoula‐Georgiou, TT Georgiou
Water Resources Research 50 (7), 5817-5830, 2014
A Prognostic Nested k-Nearest Approach for Microwave Precipitation Phase Detection over Snow Cover
Z Takbiri, A Ebtehaj, E Foufoula-Georgiou, PE Kirstetter, FJ Turk
Journal of hydrometeorology 20 (2), 251-274, 2019
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