Ann C Gregory
Ann C Gregory
Postdoctoral researcher at VIB-KU Leuven
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Microbiota Transfer Therapy alters gut ecosystem and improves gastrointestinal and autism symptoms: an open-label study
DW Kang, JB Adams, AC Gregory, T Borody, L Chittick, A Fasano, ...
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Patterns and ecological drivers of ocean viral communities
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Synthetic ecology of the human gut microbiota
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Ontogenetic variation in epibiont community structure in the deep‐sea yeti crab, Kiwa puravida: convergence among crustaceans
SK Goffredi, A Gregory, WJ Jones, NM Morella, RI Sakamoto
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The human gut virome database
AC Gregory, O Zablocki, A Howell, B Bolduc, MB Sullivan
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Smoking is associated with quantifiable differences in the human lung DNA virome and metabolome
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The gut virome database reveals age-dependent patterns of virome diversity in the human gut
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Long-read metagenomics reveals cryptic and abundant marine viruses
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Long-read viral metagenomics enables capture of abundant and microdiverse viral populations and their niche-defining genomic islands
J Warwick-Dugdale, N Solonenko, K Moore, L Chittick, AC Gregory, ...
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Potential virus-mediated nitrogen cycling in oxygen-depleted oceanic waters
MC Gazitúa, DR Vik, S Roux, AC Gregory, B Bolduc, B Widner, ...
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Defining seasonal patterns of SAR11 viruses in the Western English Channel via long-read sequencing and viral isolation
B Temperton, JL Warwick-Dugdale, H Buchholz, M Michelsen, ...
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
MetaPop: A pipeline for macro-and micro-diversity analyses and visualization of microbial and viral metagenome-derived populations
AC Gregory, K Gerhardt, ZP Zhong, B Bolduc, B Temperton, ...
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Temperature-driven Global Viral Diversity is Highest in the Arctic Ocean across Four Distinct Global Ecological Zones
AA Zayed, AC Gregory, N Conceição-Neto, Y Liu, B Bolduc, D Vik, S Roux, ...
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
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