Reinhard Gaupp
Reinhard Gaupp
Professor der Geologie (i.R.), Universität Jena
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On the origin of the southern Permian Basin, Central Europe
JD Van Wees, RA Stephenson, PA Ziegler, U Bayer, T McCann, R Dadlez, ...
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Structure-related geochemical (REE) and isotopic (K-Ar, Rb-Sr, δ18O) characteristics of clay minerals from Rotliegend sandstone reservoirs (Permian, northern Germany)
H Zwingmann, N Clauer, R Gaupp
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Diagenesis and reservoir quality of Rotliegend sandstones in the Northern Netherlands—a review
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Provenance of Cretaceous clastics in the Subhercynian Basin: constraints to exhumation of the Harz Mountains and timing of inversion tectonics in Central Europe
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Miocene to Recent history of the Western Altiplano in Northern Chile revealed by lacustrine sediments of the Lauca Basin (18 15′–18 40′ S/69 30′–69 05′ W)
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40Ar/39Ar laser-probe dating of detrital white micas from Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Eastern Alps: Evidence for Variscan high-pressure metamorphism …
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Hydrothermal alteration as a trigger mechanism for earthquake swarms: the Vogtland/NW Bohemia region as a case study
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Timing of fluid flow in a sandstone reservoir of the north German Rotliegend (Permian) by K-Ar dating of related hydrothermal illite
H Zwingmann, N Clauer, R Gaupp
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 144 (1), 91-106, 1998
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