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Mitochondria are physiologically maintained at close to 50 C
D Chrétien, P Bénit, HH Ha, S Keipert, R El-Khoury, YT Chang, ...
PLoS biology 16 (1), e2003992, 2018
Alternatively activated macrophages do not synthesize catecholamines or contribute to adipose tissue adaptive thermogenesis
K Fischer, HH Ruiz, K Jhun, B Finan, DJ Oberlin, V Van Der Heide, ...
Nature medicine 23 (5), 623-630, 2017
Skeletal muscle mitochondrial uncoupling drives endocrine cross-talk through the induction of FGF21 as a myokine
S Keipert, M Ost, K Johann, F Imber, M Jastroch, EM Van Schothorst, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 306 (5), E469-E482, 2014
Brite/beige fat and UCP1—is it thermogenesis?
S Keipert, M Jastroch
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1837 (7), 1075-1082, 2014
The glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) regulates body weight and food intake via CNS-GIPR signaling
Q Zhang, CT Delessa, R Augustin, M Bakhti, G Colldén, DJ Drucker, ...
Cell metabolism 33 (4), 833-844. e5, 2021
Cardiolipin synthesis in brown and beige fat mitochondria is essential for systemic energy homeostasis
EG Sustarsic, T Ma, MD Lynes, M Larsen, I Karavaeva, JF Havelund, ...
Cell metabolism 28 (1), 159-174. e11, 2018
Long-term cold adaptation does not require FGF21 or UCP1
S Keipert, M Kutschke, M Ost, T Schwarzmayr, EM van Schothorst, ...
Cell metabolism 26 (2), 437-446. e5, 2017
Genetic disruption of uncoupling protein 1 in mice renders brown adipose tissue a significant source of FGF21 secretion
S Keipert, M Kutschke, D Lamp, L Brachthäuser, F Neff, CW Meyer, ...
Molecular metabolism 4 (7), 537-542, 2015
N-acyl taurines and acylcarnitines cause an imbalance in insulin synthesis and secretion provoking β cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes
M Aichler, D Borgmann, J Krumsiek, A Buck, PE MacDonald, JEM Fox, ...
Cell metabolism 25 (6), 1334-1347. e4, 2017
Dissociation Between Brown Adipose Tissue 18F-FDG Uptake and Thermogenesis in Uncoupling Protein 1–Deficient Mice
MK Hankir, M Kranz, S Keipert, J Weiner, SG Andreasen, M Kern, M Patt, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 58 (7), 1100-1103, 2017
Muscle‐derived GDF15 drives diurnal anorexia and systemic metabolic remodeling during mitochondrial stress
M Ost, C Igual Gil, V Coleman, S Keipert, S Efstathiou, V Vidic, M Weyers, ...
EMBO reports 21 (3), e48804, 2020
A Stat6/Pten axis links regulatory T cells with adipose tissue function
S Kälin, M Becker, VB Ott, I Serr, F Hosp, MMH Mollah, S Keipert, D Lamp, ...
Cell metabolism 26 (3), 475-492. e7, 2017
Dietary effects on body composition, glucose metabolism, and longevity are modulated by skeletal muscle mitochondrial uncoupling in mice
S Keipert, A Voigt, S Klaus
Aging cell 10 (1), 122-136, 2011
Endogenous FGF21-signaling controls paradoxical obesity resistance of UCP1-deficient mice
S Keipert, D Lutter, BO Schroeder, D Brandt, M Ståhlman, T Schwarzmayr, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 624, 2020
Muscle mitohormesis promotes cellular survival via serine/glycine pathway flux
M Ost, S Keipert, EM van Schothorst, V Donner, I van der Stelt, AP Kipp, ...
The FASEB Journal 29 (4), 1314-1328, 2015
Muscle mitochondrial stress adaptation operates independently of endogenous FGF21 action
M Ost, V Coleman, A Voigt, EM van Schothorst, S Keipert, I van der Stelt, ...
Molecular metabolism 5 (2), 79-90, 2016
Stress-induced FGF21 and GDF15 in obesity and obesity resistance
S Keipert, M Ost
Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism 32 (11), 904-915, 2021
Insights into brown adipose tissue evolution and function from non-model organisms
M Jastroch, R Oelkrug, S Keipert
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (Suppl_1), jeb169425, 2018
Prediction of adipose browning capacity by systematic integration of transcriptional profiles
Y Cheng, L Jiang, S Keipert, S Zhang, A Hauser, E Graf, T Strom, ...
Cell reports 23 (10), 3112-3125, 2018
Coordinated targeting of cold and nicotinic receptors synergistically improves obesity and type 2 diabetes
C Clemmensen, S Jall, M Kleinert, C Quarta, T Gruber, J Reber, S Sachs, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 4304, 2018
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