Céline Hauzy
Céline Hauzy
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Intra‐and interspecific density‐dependent dispersal in an aquatic prey–predator system
C Hauzy, FD Hulot, A Gins, M Loreau
Journal of animal ecology 76 (3), 552-558, 2007
The Paradox of Enrichment in Metaecosystems
I Gounand, N Mouquet, E Canard, F Guichard, C Hauzy, D Gravel
The American Naturalist 184 (6), 752-763, 2014
Density-dependent dispersal and relative dispersal affect the stability of predator-prey metacommunities
C Hauzy, M Gauduchon, FD Hulot, M Loreau
Journal of theoretical biology 266 (3), 458-469, 2010
Spatial heterogeneity and functional response: an experiment in microcosms with varying obstacle densities
C Hauzy, T Tully, T Spataro, G Paul, R Arditi
Oecologia 163 (3), 625-636, 2010
Species‐rich ecosystems are vulnerable to cascading extinctions in an increasingly variable world
L Kaneryd, C Borrvall, S Berg, A Curtsdotter, A Eklöf, C Hauzy, T Jonsson, ...
Ecology and evolution 2 (4), 858-874, 2012
Stochastic eco-evolutionary model of a prey-predator community
M Costa, C Hauzy, N Loeuille, S Méléard
Journal of mathematical biology 72 (3), 573-622, 2016
Ingredients for protist coexistence: competition, endosymbiosis and a pinch of biochemical interactions
JP Müller, C Hauzy, FD Hulot
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (1), 222-232, 2012
Relative impacts of environmental variation and evolutionary history on the nestedness and modularity of tree–herbivore networks
KM Robinson, C Hauzy, N Loeuille, BR Albrectsen
Ecology and Evolution 5 (14), 2898-2915, 2015
Confronting the Paradox of Enrichment to the Metacommunity Perspective
C Hauzy, G Nadin, E Canard, I Gounand, N Mouquet, B Ebenman
PLOS ONE 8 (12), e82969, 2013
Multidimensionality of plant defenses and herbivore niches: implications for eco-evolutionary dynamics
N Loeuille, C Hauzy
bioRxiv, 070250, 2017
19 Rare but Important: Perturbations to Uncommon Species Can Have a Large Impact on the Structure of Ecological Communities
T Jonsson, S Berg, T Säterberg, C Hauzy, B Ebenman
Adaptive Food Webs: Stability and Transitions of Real and Model Ecosystems, 324, 2017
Rare but important: perturbations to uncommon species have disproportionately large impact on ecological communities
S Berg, T Jonsson, C Hauzy, T Säterberg, M Christianou, J Yearsley, ...
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