Loïc Henriet
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Quantum computing with neutral atoms
L Henriet, L Beguin, A Signoles, T Lahaye, A Browaeys, GO Reymond, ...
Quantum 4, 327, 2020
Many-body quantum electrodynamics networks: non-equilibrium condensed matter physics with light
K Le Hur, L Henriet, A Petrescu, K Plekhanov, G Roux, M Schiró
Comptes Rendus Physique 17 (8), 808–835, 2016
Subradiant states of quantum bits coupled to a one-dimensional waveguide
L Henriet*, A Albrecht*, A Asenjo-Garcia, PB Dieterle, O Painter, ...
New Journal of Physics 21, 025003, 2019
C Developers
See full list of authors on Github: https://github. com/quantumlib/Cirq …, 0
Critical open-system dynamics in a one-dimensional optical lattice clock
L Henriet, JS Douglas, DE Chang, A Albrecht
Physical Review A 99 (2), 023802, 2019
Storage and release of subradiant excitations in a dense atomic cloud
G Ferioli, A Glicenstein, L Henriet, I Ferrier-Barbut, A Browaeys
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021031, 2021
Microwave Engineering of Programmable Hamiltonians in Arrays of Rydberg Atoms
P Scholl, HJ Williams, G Bornet, F Wallner, D Barredo, L Henriet, ...
PRX Quantum 3 (2), 020303, 2022
Quantum dynamics of the driven and dissipative Rabi model
L Henriet, Z Ristivojevic, PP Orth, K Le Hur
Phys. Rev. A 90 (2), 023820, 2014
Driven dissipative dynamics and topology of quantum impurity systems
K Le Hur, L Henriet, L Herviou, K Plekhanov, A Petrescu, T Goren, ...
Comptes Rendus Physique 19 (6), 451-483, 2018
Qualifying quantum approaches for hard industrial optimization problems. A case study in the field of smart-charging of electric vehicles
C Dalyac, L Henriet, E Jeandel, W Lechner, S Perdrix, M Porcheron, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 8 (1), 12, 2021
Many-body localization in waveguide quantum electrodynamics
N Fayard, L Henriet, A Asenjo-Garcia, DE Chang
Physical Review Research 3 (3), 033233, 2021
Electrical current from quantum vacuum fluctuations in nanoengines
L Henriet, AN Jordan, K Le Hur
Physical Review B 92 (12), 125306, 2015
Quantum sweeps, synchronization, and Kibble-Zurek physics in dissipative quantum spin systems
L Henriet, K Le Hur
Physical Review B 93 (6), 064411, 2016
Pulser: An open-source package for the design of pulse sequences in programmable neutral-atom arrays
H Silvério, S Grijalva, C Dalyac, L Leclerc, PJ Karalekas, N Shammah, ...
Quantum 6, 629, 2022
Quantum evolution kernel: Machine learning on graphs with programmable arrays of qubits
LP Henry, S Thabet, C Dalyac, L Henriet
Physical Review A 104 (3), 032416, 2021
Topology of a dissipative spin: dynamical Chern number, bath induced non-adiabaticity and a quantum dynamo effect
L Henriet, A Sclocchi, PP Orth, KL Hur
Physical Review B 95 (5), 054307, 2017
Kondo induced -phase shift of microwave photons in a circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture
GW Deng, L Henriet, D Wei, SX Li, HO Li, G Cao, M Xiao, GC Guo, ...
Physical Review B 104 (12), 125407, 2021
Robustness to spontaneous emission of a variational quantum algorithm
L Henriet
Phys. Rev. A 101, 012335, 2020
Engineering Quantum Spin Liquids and Many-Body Majorana States with a Driven Superconducting Box Circuit
F Yang, L Henriet, A Soret, KL Hur
Physical Review B 98 (3), 035431, 2018
Environment-induced synchronization of two quantum oscillators
L Henriet
Physical Review A 100 (02), 2119, 2019
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