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Transition‐metal (Fe, Co, Ni) based metal‐organic frameworks for electrochemical energy storage
S Zheng, X Li, B Yan, Q Hu, Y Xu, X Xiao, H Xue, H Pang
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (18), 1602733, 2017
Nanoparticle/MOF composites: preparations and applications
J Yu, C Mu, B Yan, X Qin, C Shen, H Xue, H Pang
Materials Horizons 4 (4), 557-569, 2017
Interface engineered NiFe2O4− x/NiMoO4 nanowire arrays for electrochemical oxygen evolution
J Choi, D Kim, W Zheng, B Yan, Y Li, LYS Lee, Y Piao
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 286, 119857, 2021
Few-layered MoS2 vertically aligned on 3D interconnected porous carbon nanosheets for hydrogen evolution
D Ko, X Jin, K Seong, B Yan, H Chai, JM Kim, M Hwang, J Choi, W Zhang, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 248, 357-365, 2019
Phosphorus-based materials for high-performance rechargeable batteries
X Qin, B Yan, J Yu, J Jin, Y Tao, C Mu, S Wang, H Xue, H Pang
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 4 (9), 1424-1444, 2017
Sprout-shaped Mo-doped CoP with maximized hydrophilicity and gas bubble release for high-performance water splitting catalyst
D Kim, X Qin, B Yan, Y Piao
Chemical Engineering Journal 408, 127331, 2021
Supramolecule-assisted synthesis of cyclodextrin polymer functionalized polyaniline/carbon nanotube with core-shell nanostructure as high-performance supercapacitor material
W Zhang, Y Kong, X Jin, B Yan, G Diao, Y Piao
Electrochimica Acta 331, 135345, 2020
Development of High‐Voltage Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
J Yu, C Mu, X Qin, C Shen, B Yan, H Xue, H Pang
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (16), 1700279, 2017
Nafion coated Au nanoparticle-graphene quantum dot nanocomposite modified working electrode for voltammetric determination of dopamine
HS Jang, D Kim, C Lee, B Yan, X Qin, Y Piao
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 105, 174-181, 2019
One-pot synthesis of hydrazide-pillar [5] arene functionalized reduced graphene oxide for supercapacitor electrode
F Guo, P Xiao, B Yan, M Hahn, Y Kong, W Zhang, Y Piao, G Diao
Chemical Engineering Journal 391, 123511, 2020
Ambient temperature synthesis of iron-doped porous nickel pyrophosphate nanoparticles with long-term chemical stability for high-performance oxygen evolution reaction catalysis …
D Kim, J Kang, B Yan, K Seong, Y Piao
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (7), 2843-2853, 2020
Magnetic and near-infrared derived heating characteristics of dimercaptosuccinic acid coated uniform Fe@ Fe3O4 core–shell nanoparticles
C Koo, H Hong, PW Im, H Kim, C Lee, X Jin, B Yan, W Lee, HJ Im, ...
Nano convergence 7 (1), 1-9, 2020
Salt powder assisted synthesis of nanostructured materials and their electrochemical applications in energy storage devices
B Yan, W Zhang, X Qin, Y Choi, G Diao, X Jin, Y Piao
Chemical Engineering Journal 400, 125895, 2020
Self-organized hierarchically porous carbon coated on carbon cloth for high-performance freestanding supercapacitor electrodes
M Jang, D Ko, Y Choi, B Yan, X Jin, DK Kim, Y Piao
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 895, 115456, 2021
Highly sensitive electrochemical determination of sulfate in PM2. 5 based on the formation of heteropoly blue at poly-l-lysine-functionalized graphene modified glassy carbon …
L Yu, Q Xu, D Jin, Q Zhang, A Mao, Y Shu, B Yan, X Hu
Chemical Engineering Journal 294, 122-131, 2016
Nano/Microscale Integrated Mushroom-Shaped Hydrophilic CoP@ Ni-CoP with Optimized Gas Bubble Release for High-Performance Water Splitting Catalysis
D Kim, X Qin, B Yan, H Hong, Y Piao
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (10), 9769-9784, 2020
CuFeN/CNT composite derived from kinetically modulated urchin-shaped MOF for highly efficient OER catalysis
Y Choi, D Kim, L Lin, B Yan, H Hong, X Qin, Y Piao
Electrochimica Acta 389, 138637, 2021
Facile self-template synthesis of a nitrogen-rich nanoporous carbon wire and its application for energy storage devices
B Yan, H Huang, X Qin, S Xiu, J Choi, D Ko, T Chen, W Zhang, B Quan, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (12), 13735-13747, 2021
TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibers as versatile additives for highly stable silicon anode in lithium-ion batteries
JM Kim, Y Cho, V Guccini, M Hahn, B Yan, G Salazar-Alvarez, Y Piao
Electrochimica Acta 369, 137708, 2021
Pt Nanoclusters Anchored on Hollow Ag-Au Nanostructures for Electrochemical Oxidation of Methanol
X Li, X Qin, B Yan, H Huang, W Zhang, Y Piao
Catalysts 10 (12), 1440, 2020
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