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Ecosystem services provided by waterbirds
AJ Green, J Elmberg
Biological reviews 89 (1), 105-122, 2014
Variations in life-history traits in the common frog Rana temporaria (Amphibia: Anura): a literature review and new data from the French Alps
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Agriculture and herbivorous waterfowl: A review of the scientific basis for improved management
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Fåglarna i Sverige: antal och förekomst
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Sveriges ornitologiska förening, 2012
Conspecifics can be aliens too: a review of effects of restocking practices in vertebrates
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Reinventing the wheel: analysis of sexual dimorphism in body size
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J Elmberg
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T Beery, KI Jönsson, J Elmberg
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J Elmberg, P Nummi, H Pöysä, K Sjöberg, G Gunnarsson, P Clausen, ...
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Density‐dependent nest predation–an experiment with simulated Mallard nests in contrasting landscapes
G Gunnarsson, J Elmberg
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