Adriana Weisleder
Adriana Weisleder
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SES differences in language processing skill and vocabulary are evident at 18 months
A Fernald, VA Marchman, A Weisleder
Developmental science 16 (2), 234-248, 2013
Talking to children matters: Early language experience strengthens processing and builds vocabulary
A Weisleder, A Fernald
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Early language experience is vital to developing fluency in understanding
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Promotion of positive parenting and prevention of socioemotional disparities
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What's in the input? Frequent frames in child-directed speech offer distributional cues to grammatical categories in Spanish and English
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Mitigating the effects of family poverty on early child development through parenting interventions in primary care
CB Cates, A Weisleder, AL Mendelsohn
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Twenty years after “meaningful differences,” it’s time to reframe the “deficit” debate about the importance of children’s early language experience
A Fernald, A Weisleder
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Reducing maternal depressive symptoms through promotion of parenting in pediatric primary care
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Leveraging healthcare to promote responsive parenting: impacts of the Video Interaction Project on parenting stress
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With referential cues, infants successfully use phonetic detail in word learning
CT Fennell, SR Waxman, A Weisleder
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Perceptions about parental engagement among Hispanic immigrant mothers of first graders from low-income backgrounds
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Reading aloud, play, and social-emotional development
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Primary care parenting intervention effects on use of physical punishment among low-income parents of toddlers
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Reading aloud and child development: a cluster-randomized trial in Brazil
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Promotion of early school readiness using pediatric primary care as an innovative platform.
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Enhancing parent talk, reading, and play in primary care: sustained impacts of the Video Interaction Project
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Social environments shape children’s language experiences, strengthening language processing and building vocabulary
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Language in interaction: Studies in honor of Eve V. Clark, 29-50, 2014
Real-world usage of educational media does not promote parent–child cognitive stimulation activities
JH Choi, AL Mendelsohn, A Weisleder, CB Cates, C Canfield, A Seery, ...
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Towards a bioecological model of bilingual development
A Weisleder
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Real-time processing of postnominal adjectives by Latino children learning Spanish as a first language
A Weisleder, A Fernald
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