Henning Boecker
Henning Boecker
Professor for Functional Neuroimaging, Dept. of Radiology, University Hospital Bonn, Germany
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Distraction modulates connectivity of the cingulo-frontal cortex and the midbrain during pain—an fMRI analysis
M Valet, T Sprenger, H Boecker, F Willoch, E Rummeny, B Conrad, ...
Pain 109 (3), 399-408, 2004
Event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging in Parkinson's disease before and after levodopa
B Haslinger, P Erhard, N Kämpfe, H Boecker, E Rummeny, M Schwaiger, ...
Brain 124 (3), 558-570, 2001
Mapping the network for planning: a correlational PET activation study with the Tower of London task
A Dagher, AM Owen, H Boecker, DJ Brooks
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The runner's high: opioidergic mechanisms in the human brain
H Boecker, T Sprenger, ME Spilker, G Henriksen, M Koppenhoefer, ...
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Evidence for lateral premotor and parietal overactivity in Parkinson's disease during sequential and bimanual movements. A PET study.
M Samuel, AO Ceballos-Baumann, J Blin, T Uema, H Boecker, ...
Brain: a journal of neurology 120 (6), 963-976, 1997
Brain or vein oxygenation or flow? On signal physiology in functional MRI of human brain activation
J Frahm, KD Merboldt, W Hänicke, A Kleinschmidt, H Boecker
NMR in Biomedicine 7 (1‐2), 45-53, 1994
Transmodal sensorimotor networks during action observation in professional pianists
B Haslinger, P Erhard, E Altenmüller, U Schroeder, H Boecker, ...
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The role of the striatum and hippocampus in planning: a PET activation study in Parkinson's disease
A Dagher, AM Owen, H Boecker, DJ Brooks
Brain 124 (5), 1020-1032, 2001
A positron emission tomographic study of subthalamic nucleus stimulation in Parkinson disease: enhanced movement-related activity of motor-association cortex and decreased …
AO Ceballos-Baumann, H Boecker, P Bartenstein, I von Falkenhayn, ...
Archives of neurology 56 (8), 997-1003, 1999
Role of the Human Rostral Supplementary Motor Area and the Basal Ganglia in Motor Sequence Control: Investigations With H2 15O PET
H Boecker, A Dagher, AO Ceballos-Baumann, RE Passingham, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 79 (2), 1070-1080, 1998
Lasting cortical activation after repetitive TMS of the motor cortex A glucose metabolic study
HR Siebner, M Peller, F Willoch, S Minoshima, H Boecker, C Auer, ...
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Specific hypothalamic activation during a spontaneous cluster headache attack
T Sprenger, H Boecker, TR Tolle, G Bussone, A May, M Leone
Neurology 62 (3), 516-517, 2004
Functional cooperativity of human cortical motor areas during self-paced simple finger movements A high-resolution MRI study
H Boecker, A Kleinschmidt, M Requardt, W Hanicke, KD Merboldt, ...
Brain 117 (6), 1231-1239, 1994
Sensory processing in Parkinson's and Huntington's disease: Investigations with 3D H215O-PET
H Boecker, A Ceballos-Baumann, P Bartenstein, A Weindl, HR Siebner, ...
Brain 122 (9), 1651-1665, 1999
Subthalamic nucleus stimulation affects striato‐anterior cingulate cortex circuit in a response conflict task: a PET study
U Schroeder, A Kuehler, B Haslinger, P Erhard, W Fogel, VM Tronnier, ...
Brain 125 (9), 1995-2004, 2002
Pallidotomy in Parkinson's disease increases supplementary motor area and prefrontal activation during performance of volitional movements an H2 (15) O PET study.
M Samuel, AO Ceballos-Baumann, N Turjanski, H Boecker, A Gorospe, ...
Brain: a journal of neurology 120 (8), 1301-1313, 1997
The effect of ethanol on alcohol‐responsive essential tremor: a positron emission tomography study
H Boecker, AJ Wills, A Ceballos‐Baumann, M Samuel, PD Thompson, ...
Annals of Neurology: Official Journal of the American Neurological …, 1996
Hypothalamic deep brain stimulation in positron emission tomography
A May, M Leone, H Boecker, T Sprenger, T Juergens, G Bussone, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 26 (13), 3589-3593, 2006
Glucose metabolism, gray matter structure, and memory decline in subjective memory impairment
L Scheef, A Spottke, M Daerr, A Joe, N Striepens, H Kölsch, J Popp, ...
Neurology 79 (13), 1332-1339, 2012
Vowel sound extraction in anterior superior temporal cortex
J Obleser, H Boecker, A Drzezga, B Haslinger, A Hennenlotter, ...
Human brain mapping 27 (7), 562-571, 2006
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