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Christina Spilker
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
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Autistic-like behaviours and hyperactivity in mice lacking ProSAP1/Shank2
MJ Schmeisser, E Ey, S Wegener, J Bockmann, AV Stempel, A Kuebler, ...
Nature 486 (7402), 256-260, 2012
Encoding and transducing the synaptic or extrasynaptic origin of NMDA receptor signals to the nucleus
A Karpova, M Mikhaylova, S Bera, J Bär, PP Reddy, T Behnisch, ...
Cell 152 (5), 1119-1133, 2013
Caldendrin–Jacob: a protein liaison that couples NMDA receptor signalling to the nucleus
DC Dieterich, A Karpova, M Mikhaylova, I Zdobnova, I König, M Landwehr, ...
PLoS biology 6 (2), e34, 2008
C‐terminal synaptic targeting elements for postsynaptic density proteins ProSAP1/Shank2 and ProSAP2/Shank3
TM Boeckers, T Liedtke, C Spilker, T Dresbach, J Bockmann, MR Kreutz, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 92 (3), 519-524, 2005
Functional regions of the presynaptic cytomatrix protein bassoon: significance for synaptic targeting and cytomatrix anchoring
T Dresbach, A Hempelmann, C Spilker, S tom Dieck, WD Altrock, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 23 (2), 279-291, 2003
Reversible translocation and activity-dependent localization of the calcium–myristoyl switch protein VILIP-1 to different membrane compartments in living hippocampal neurons
C Spilker, T Dresbach, KH Braunewell
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (17), 7331-7339, 2002
Abnormal localization of two neuronal calcium sensor proteins, visinin-like proteins (vilips)-1 and-3, in neocortical brain areas of Alzheimer disease patients
KH Braunewell, P Riederer, C Spilker, ED Gundelfinger, B Bogerts, ...
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders 12 (2), 110-116, 2001
Intracellular neuronal calcium sensor (NCS) protein VILIP‐1 modulates cGMP signalling pathways in transfected neural cells and cerebellar granule neurones
KH Braunewell, M Brackmann, M Schaupp, C Spilker, R Anand, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 78 (6), 1277-1286, 2001
The Neuronal Calcium‐Sensor Protein VILIP Modulates Cyclic AMP Accumulation in Stably Transfected C6 Glioma Cells: Amino‐Terminal Myristoylation Determines Functional Activity
KH Braunewell, C Spilker, T Behnisch, ED Gundelfinger
Journal of neurochemistry 68 (5), 2129-2139, 1997
ProSAP-interacting protein 1 (ProSAPiP1), a novel protein of the postsynaptic density that links the spine-associated Rap-Gap (SPAR) to the scaffolding protein ProSAP2/Shank3
D Wendholt, C Spilker, A Schmitt, A Dolnik, KH Smalla, C Proepper, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (19), 13805-13816, 2006
Caldendrin directly couples postsynaptic calcium signals to actin remodeling in dendritic spines
M Mikhaylova, J Bär, B van Bommel, P Schätzle, PA YuanXiang, ...
Neuron 97 (5), 1110-1125. e14, 2018
tom Dieck S, Altrock WD, Zuschratter W, Garner CC, Gundelfinger ED (2003) Functional regions of the presynaptic cytomatrix protein bassoon: significance for synaptic targeting …
T Dresbach, A Hempelmann, C Spilker
Mol Cell Neurosci 23, 279-291, 0
RapGAPs in brain: multipurpose players in neuronal Rap signalling
C Spilker, MR Kreutz
European Journal of Neuroscience 32 (1), 1-9, 2010
The neuronal EF-hand calcium-binding protein visinin-like protein-3 is expressed in cerebellar Purkinje cells and shows a calcium-dependent membrane association
C Spilker, K Richter, KH Smalla, D Manahan-Vaughan, ED Gundelfinger, ...
Neuroscience 96 (1), 121-129, 2000
SIPA1L2 controls trafficking and local signaling of TrkB-containing amphisomes at presynaptic terminals
M Andres-Alonso, MR Ammar, I Butnaru, GM Gomes, G Acuña Sanhueza, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 5448, 2019
Evidence for different functional properties of the neuronal calcium sensor proteins VILIP-1 and VILIP-3: from subcellular localization to cellular function
C Spilker, ED Gundelfinger, KH Braunewell
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1600 (1-2), 118-127, 2002
Hippocampal expression of the calcium sensor protein visinin-like protein-1 in schizophrenia
HG Bernstein, KH Braunewell, C Spilker, P Danos, B Baumann, S Funke, ...
Neuroreport 13 (4), 393-396, 2002
Calcium–myristoyl switch, subcellular localization, and calcium-dependent translocation of the neuronal calcium sensor protein VILIP-3, and comparison with VILIP-1 in …
C Spilker, KH Braunewell
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 24 (3), 766-778, 2003
A Jacob/Nsmf Gene Knockout Results in Hippocampal Dysplasia and Impaired BDNF Signaling in Dendritogenesis
C Spilker, S Nullmeier, KM Grochowska, A Schumacher, I Butnaru, ...
PLoS genetics 12 (3), e1005907, 2016
SPAR2, a novel SPAR‐related protein with GAP activity for Rap1 and Rap2
C Spilker, GA Acuña Sanhueza, TM Böckers, MR Kreutz, ED Gundelfinger
Journal of neurochemistry 104 (1), 187-201, 2008
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