Rushin Shah
Rushin Shah
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Topical clustering of tweets
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SYNERGY: a named entity recognition system for resource-scarce languages such as Swahili using online machine translation
R Shah, B Lin, A Gershman, R Frederking
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Semantic parsing for task oriented dialog using hierarchical representations
S Gupta, R Shah, M Mohit, A Kumar, M Lewis
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Cross-lingual transfer learning for multilingual task oriented dialog
S Schuster, S Gupta, R Shah, M Lewis
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A new approach to lexical disambiguation of Arabic text
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Lads: Rapid development of a learning-to-rank based related entity finding system using open advancement
B Lin, KD Rosa, R Shah, N Agarwal
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Improving semantic parsing for task oriented dialog
A Einolghozati, P Pasupat, S Gupta, R Shah, M Mohit, M Lewis, ...
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Pytext: A seamless path from nlp research to production
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Cone: Metrics for automatic evaluation of named entity co-reference resolution
B Lin, R Shah, R Frederking, A Gershman
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Improving Cross-document Co-reference with Semi-supervised Information Extraction Modelsi
R Shah, B Lin, KD Rosa, A Gershman, R Frederking
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Algorithms for Biological Cell Sorting with a Lab-on-a-chip
A Ghosh, R Shah, A Bishnu, BB Bhattacharya
2009 World Congress on Nature & Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC), 104-109, 2009
Improving Robustness of Task Oriented Dialog Systems
A Einolghozati, S Gupta, M Mohit, R Shah
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Span-based Hierarchical Semantic Parsing for Task-Oriented Dialog
P Pasupat, S Gupta, K Mandyam, R Shah, M Lewis, L Zettlemoyer
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Workshop Program
PR Out
A New Approach to Lexical Disambiguation of Arabic Text
L Ungar, R Shah, D Foster, MY Liberman, M Maamouri
ENCORE: Experiments with a Synthetic Entity Co-reference Resolution Tool
B Lin, R Shah, R Frederking, A Gershman
Pushing Cells on a Square Grid with Applications to cell sorting for Lab-on-a-chip
A Ghosh, AB Rushin Shah, BB Bhattacharya
Gap Ratio of Distribution of Points on a Plane
R Shah, A Ghosh, A Bishnu, T Asano
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