Marion Inostroza
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Sleep for preserving and transforming episodic memory
M Inostroza, J Born
Annual review of neuroscience 36, 79-102, 2013
Emergent dynamics of fast ripples in the epileptic hippocampus
JM Ibarz, G Foffani, E Cid, M Inostroza, LM de la Prida
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (48), 16249-16261, 2010
Sleep-dependency of episodic-like memory consolidation in rats
M Inostroza, S Binder, J Born
Behavioural brain research 237, 15-22, 2013
Hippocampal-dependent spatial memory in the water maze is preserved in an experimental model of temporal lobe epilepsy in rats
M Inostroza, E Cid, J Brotons-Mas, B Gal, P Aivar, YG Uzcategui, C Sandi, ...
PLoS one 6 (7), e22372, 2011
Sleep enhances memory consolidation in the hippocampus-dependent object-place recognition task in rats
S Binder, PC Baier, M Mölle, M Inostroza, J Born, L Marshall
Neurobiology of learning and memory 97 (2), 213-219, 2012
Specific impairment of “what-where-when” episodic-like memory in experimental models of temporal lobe epilepsy
M Inostroza, JR Brotons-Mas, F Laurent, E Cid, LM de la Prida
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (45), 17749-17762, 2013
Different emotional disturbances in two experimental models of temporal lobe epilepsy in rats
M Inostroza, E Cid, LM de la Prida, C Sandi
PLoS One 7 (6), e38959, 2012
Sleep benefits in parallel implicit and explicit measures of episodic memory
FD Weber, JY Wang, J Born, M Inostroza
Learning & Memory 21 (4), 190-198, 2014
Systemic injection of kainic acid differently affects LTP magnitude depending on its epileptogenic efficiency
LM Suárez, E Cid, B Gal, M Inostroza, JR Brotons-Mas, ...
PLoS One 7 (10), e48128, 2012
Role of slow oscillatory activity and slow wave sleep in consolidation of episodic-like memory in rats
CN Oyanedel, S Binder, E Kelemen, K Petersen, J Born, M Inostroza
Behavioural brain research 275, 126-130, 2014
Hippocampal corticosterone impairs memory consolidation during sleep but improves consolidation in the wake state
E Kelemen, M Bahrendt, J Born, M Inostroza
Hippocampus 24 (5), 510-515, 2014
The hippocampus is crucial for forming non-hippocampal long-term memory during sleep
A Sawangjit, CN Oyanedel, N Niethard, C Salazar, J Born, M Inostroza
Nature 564 (7734), 109, 2018
Modulación contextual de la tolerancia asociativa al etanol
RB Mainhard, MI Parodi, ML Rojas
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Sleep enhances inhibitory behavioral control in discrimination learning in rats
M Borquez, J Born, V Navarro, R Betancourt, M Inostroza
Experimental brain research 232 (5), 1469-1477, 2014
More effective consolidation of episodic long‐term memory in children than adults—Unrelated to sleep
JY Wang, FD Weber, K Zinke, M Inostroza, J Born
Child development 89 (5), 1720-1734, 2018
Sleep stage dynamics in neocortex and hippocampus
E Durán, CN Oyanedel, N Niethard, M Inostroza, J Born
Sleep 41 (6), zsy060, 2018
Post-learning sleep transiently boosts context specific operant extinction memory
M Borquez, MP Contreras, E Vivaldi, J Born, M Inostroza
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 11, 74, 2017
Sleep-dependent consolidation patterns reveal insights into episodic memory structure
CN Oyanedel, A Sawangjit, J Born, M Inostroza
Neurobiology of learning and memory 160, 67-72, 2019
The expression of allocentric object-place recognition memory during development
MP Contreras, J Born, M Inostroza
Behavioural brain research, 112013, 2019
Sleep enhances recognition memory for conspecifics as bound into spatial context
A Sawangjit, E Kelemen, J Born, M Inostroza
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 11, 28, 2017
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