Mikhail V. Tsurkan
Mikhail V. Tsurkan
Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden
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Zitiert von
Chitin and chitosan in selected biomedical applications
A Anitha, S Sowmya, PTS Kumar, S Deepthi, KP Chennazhi, H Ehrlich, ...
Progress in Polymer Science 39 (9), 1644-1667, 2014
Glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels to modulate heterocellular communication in in vitro angiogenesis models
K Chwalek, MV Tsurkan, U Freudenberg, C Werner
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Mineralization of the metre-long biosilica structures of glass sponges is templated on hydroxylated collagen
H Ehrlich, R Deutzmann, E Brunner, E Cappellini, H Koon, C Solazzo, ...
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Defined polymer–peptide conjugates to form cell‐instructive starPEG–heparin matrices in situ
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Advanced Materials 25 (18), 2606-2610, 2013
Discovery of 505-million-year old chitin in the basal demosponge Vauxia gracilenta
H Ehrlich, JK Rigby, JP Botting, MV Tsurkan, C Werner, P Schwille, ...
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Bio-responsive polymer hydrogels homeostatically regulate blood coagulation
MF Maitz, U Freudenberg, MV Tsurkan, M Fischer, T Beyrich, C Werner
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Isolation and identification of chitin in three-dimensional skeleton of Aplysina fistularis marine sponge
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Identification and first insights into the structure and biosynthesis of chitin from the freshwater sponge Spongilla lacustris
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U Freudenberg, A Zieris, K Chwalek, MV Tsurkan, MF Maitz, P Atallah, ...
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Two-tier hydrogel degradation to boost endothelial cell morphogenesis
K Chwalek, KR Levental, MV Tsurkan, A Zieris, U Freudenberg, C Werner
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Modular StarPEG‐Heparin Gels with Bifunctional Peptide Linkers
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Enzymatically degradable heparin-polyethylene glycol gels with controlled mechanical properties
MV Tsurkan, KR Levental, U Freudenberg, C Werner
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Express method for isolation of ready-to-use 3D chitin scaffolds from Aplysina archeri (Aplysineidae: Verongiida) Demosponge
C Klinger, S Żółtowska-Aksamitowska, M Wysokowski, MV Tsurkan, ...
Marine drugs 17 (2), 131, 2019
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H Ehrlich, OV Kaluzhnaya, MV Tsurkan, A Ereskovsky, KR Tabachnick, ...
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Minimal peptide motif for non-covalent peptide–heparin hydrogels
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (8), 2919-2922, 2013
The multi-layered protective cuticle of Collembola: a chemical analysis
J Nickerl, M Tsurkan, R Hensel, C Neinhuis, C Werner
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Tackling cell transplantation anoikis: an injectable, shape memory cryogel microcarrier platform material for stem cell and neuronal cell growth
B Newland, PB Welzel, H Newland, C Renneberg, P Kolar, M Tsurkan, ...
Small 11 (38), 5047-5053, 2015
Growth factor delivery from hydrogel particle aggregates to promote tubular regeneration after acute kidney injury
MV Tsurkan, PV Hauser, A Zieris, R Carvalhosa, B Bussolati, ...
Journal of controlled release 167 (3), 248-255, 2013
Biohybrid networks of selectively desulfated glycosaminoglycans for tunable growth factor delivery
A Zieris, R Dockhorn, A Röhrich, R Zimmermann, M Müller, PB Welzel, ...
Biomacromolecules 15 (12), 4439-4446, 2014
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