Tomasz Jungst
Tomasz Jungst
Department for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry and Bavarian Polymer Institute
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25th anniversary article: engineering hydrogels for biofabrication
J Malda, J Visser, FP Melchels, T Jüngst, WE Hennink, WJA Dhert, J Groll, ...
Advanced materials 25 (36), 5011-5028, 2013
Proposal to assess printability of bioinks for extrusion-based bioprinting and evaluation of rheological properties governing bioprintability
N Paxton, W Smolan, T Böck, F Melchels, J Groll, T Jungst
Biofabrication 9 (4), 044107, 2017
Strategies and molecular design criteria for 3D printable hydrogels
T Jungst, W Smolan, K Schacht, T Scheibel, J Groll
Chemical reviews 116 (3), 1496-1539, 2015
A definition of bioinks and their distinction from biomaterial inks
J Groll, JA Burdick, DW Cho, B Derby, M Gelinsky, SC Heilshorn, ...
Biofabrication 11 (1), 013001, 2018
Additive manufacturing of scaffolds with sub-micron filaments via melt electrospinning writing
G Hochleitner, T Jüngst, TD Brown, K Hahn, C Moseke, F Jakob, ...
Biofabrication 7 (3), 035002, 2015
From Shape to Function: The Next Step in Bioprinting
R Levato, T Jungst, RG Scheuring, T Blunk, J Groll, J Malda
Advanced Materials, 1906423, 2020
Thiol–ene clickable gelatin: a platform bioink for multiple 3D biofabrication technologies
S Bertlein, G Brown, KS Lim, T Jungst, T Boeck, T Blunk, J Tessmar, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (44), 1703404, 2017
Biofabrication of Cell‐Loaded 3D Spider Silk Constructs
K Schacht, T Jüngst, M Schweinlin, A Ewald, J Groll, T Scheibel
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (9), 2816-2820, 2015
Fibre pulsing during melt electrospinning writing
G Hochleitner, A Youssef, A Hrynevich, JN Haigh, T Jungst, J Groll, ...
BioNanoMaterials 17 (3-4), 159-171, 2016
A Thermogelling Supramolecular Hydrogel with Sponge-Like Morphology as a Cytocompatible Bioink
T Lorson, S Jaksch, MM Lübtow, T Jüngst, J Groll, T Lühmann, ...
Biomacromolecules 18 (7), 2161-2171, 2017
Thiol-ene clickable poly (glycidol) hydrogels for biofabrication
S Stichler, T Jungst, M Schamel, I Zilkowski, M Kuhlmann, T Böck, T Blunk, ...
Annals of biomedical engineering 45, 273-285, 2017
Ice Templating Soft Matter: Fundamental Principles and Fabrication Approaches to Tailor Pore Structure and Morphology and Their Biomedical Applications
H Joukhdar, A Seifert, T Jüngst, J Groll, MS Lord, J Rnjak‐Kovacina
Advanced Materials 33 (34), 2100091, 2021
Hyaluronic Acid‐Based Bioink Composition Enabling 3D Bioprinting and Improving Quality of Deposited Cartilaginous Extracellular Matrix
J Hauptstein, T Böck, M Bartolf‐Kopp, L Forster, P Stahlhut, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (15), 2000737, 2020
Melt electrospinning onto cylinders: effects of rotational velocity and collector diameter on morphology of tubular structures
T Jungst, ML Muerza‐Cascante, TD Brown, M Standfest, DW Hutmacher, ...
Polymer International 64 (9), 1086-1095, 2015
Heterotypic Scaffold Design Orchestrates Primary Cell Organization and Phenotypes in Cocultured Small Diameter Vascular Grafts
T Jungst, I Pennings, M Schmitz, AJWP Rosenberg, J Groll, D Gawlitta
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (43), 1905987, 2019
Design and fabrication of melt electrowritten tubes using intuitive software
E McColl, J Groll, T Jungst, PD Dalton
Materials & Design 155, 46-58, 2018
Biofabrication of 3D constructs: fabrication technologies and spider silk proteins as bioinks
E DeSimone, K Schacht, T Jungst, J Groll, T Scheibel
Pure and Applied Chemistry 87 (8), 737-749, 2015
Control of Nanoparticle Release Kinetics from 3D Printed Hydrogel Scaffolds
B Baumann, T Jungst, S Stichler, S Feineis, O Wiltschka, M Kuhlmann, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017
Development of Endothelial Cell Networks in 3D Tissues by Combination of Melt Electrospinning Writing with Cell‐Accumulation Technology
S Bertlein, D Hikimoto, G Hochleitner, J Hümmer, T Jungst, M Matsusaki, ...
Small 14 (2), 1701521, 2018
Layer-specific cell differentiation in bi-layered vascular grafts under flow perfusion
I Pennings, EE van Haaften, T Jungst, JA Bulsink, AJWP Rosenberg, ...
Biofabrication 12 (1), 015009, 2019
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