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Elianne Egge
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Go to original source... Go to PubMed, 2017
An 18S V4 rDNA metabarcoding dataset of protist diversity in the Atlantic inflow to the Arctic Ocean, through the year and down to 1000 m depth
E Egge, S Elferink, D Vaulot, U John, G Bratbak, A Larsen, B Edvardsen
Earth System Science Data Discussions 2021, 1-25, 2021
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Population-level ecotoxicology: combined effects of POPs exposure and density stress on zebrafish populations
ES Egge
The community of Marine Alveolate parasites in the Atlantic inflow to the Arctic Ocean is structured by season, depth and water mass
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ěKOKYST–DP Norskehavet S°r, ┼rsrapport 2022
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Norsk institutt for vannforskning, 2023
ED Egge, B Edvardsen, D Vaulot
Phycologia 56 (4), 48, 2017
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