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Yuzhou Wu
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Diverse applications of nanomedicine
B Pelaz, C Alexiou, RA Alvarez-Puebla, F Alves, AM Andrews, S Ashraf, ...
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Diamond quantum devices in biology
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A Core–Shell Albumin Copolymer Nanotransporter for High Capacity Loading and Two‐Step Release of Doxorubicin with Enhanced Anti‐Leukemia Activity
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Protein–polymer therapeutics: a macromolecular perspective
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Programmable biopolymers for advancing biomedical applications of fluorescent nanodiamonds
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A Quantum Dot Photoswitch for DNA Detection, Gene Transfection, and Live‐Cell Imaging
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pH responsive Janus-like supramolecular fusion proteins for functional protein delivery
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (46), 17254-17257, 2013
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