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Hui-Hai Zhao
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Renormalization of tensor-network states
HH Zhao, ZY Xie, QN Chen, ZC Wei, JW Cai, T Xiang
Physical Review B 81 (17), 174411, 2010
Plaquette order and deconfined quantum critical point in the spin-1 bilinear-biquadratic Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice
HH Zhao, C Xu, QN Chen, ZC Wei, MP Qin, GM Zhang, T Xiang
Phys. Rev. B 85, 134416, 2012
Partial order and finite-temperature phase transitions in Potts models on irregular lattices
QN Chen, MP Qin, J Chen, ZC Wei, HH Zhao, B Normand, T Xiang
Physical review letters 107 (16), 165701, 2011
Tensor network algorithm by coarse-graining tensor renormalization on finite periodic lattices
HH Zhao, ZY Xie, T Xiang, M Imada
Physical Review B 93 (12), 125115, 2016
Variational Monte Carlo method for fermionic models combined with tensor networks and applications to the hole-doped two-dimensional Hubbard model
HH Zhao, K Ido, S Morita, M Imada
Physical Review B 96 (8), 085103, 2017
Tensor renormalization group with randomized singular value decomposition
S Morita, R Igarashi, HH Zhao, N Kawashima
Physical Review E 97 (3), 033310, 2018
Reorthonormalization of Chebyshev matrix product states for dynamical correlation functions
HD Xie, RZ Huang, XJ Han, X Yan, HH Zhao, ZY Xie, HJ Liao, T Xiang
Physical Review B 97 (7), 075111, 2018
Automatic differentiation for second renormalization of tensor networks
BB Chen, Y Gao, YB Guo, Y Liu, HH Zhao, HJ Liao, L Wang, T Xiang, W Li, ...
Physical Review B 101 (22), 220409, 2020
Compressing deep neural networks by matrix product operators
ZF Gao, S Cheng, RQ He, ZY Xie, HH Zhao, ZY Lu, T Xiang
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023300, 2020
Efficient parallelization of tensor network contraction for simulating quantum computation
C Huang, F Zhang, M Newman, X Ni, D Ding, J Cai, X Gao, T Wang, F Wu, ...
Nature Computational Science 1 (9), 578-587, 2021
Investigation of the Potts model on triangular lattices by the second renormalization of tensor network states
W Meng-Xiong, C Jian-Wei, X Zhi-Yuan, C Qiao-Ni, Z Hui-Hai, ...
Chinese Physics Letters 27 (7), 076402, 2010
Generalized Lanczos method for systematic optimization of tensor network states
RZ Huang, HJ Liao, ZY Liu, HD Xie, ZY Xie, HH Zhao, J Chen, T Xiang
Chinese Physics B 27 (7), 070501, 2018
Partial long-range order in antiferromagnetic Potts models
MP Qin, QN Chen, ZY Xie, J Chen, JF Yu, HH Zhao, B Normand, T Xiang
Physical Review B 90 (14), 144424, 2014
Fluxonium: an alternative qubit platform for high-fidelity operations
F Bao, H Deng, D Ding, R Gao, X Gao, C Huang, X Jiang, HS Ku, Z Li, ...
Physical Review Letters 129 (1), 010502, 2022
Alibaba cloud quantum development platform: Surface code simulations with crosstalk
C Huang, X Ni, F Zhang, M Newman, D Ding, X Gao, T Wang, HH Zhao, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.08918, 2020
Partial order in Potts models on the generalized decorated square lattice
MP Qin, J Chen, QN Chen, ZY Xie, X Kong, HH Zhao, B Normand, ...
Chinese Physics Letters 30 (7), 076402, 2013
Free-mode removal and mode decoupling for simulating general superconducting quantum circuits
D Ding, HS Ku, Y Shi, HH Zhao
Physical Review B 103 (17), 174501, 2021
Towards ultra-high fidelity quantum operations: SQiSW gate as a native two-qubit gate
C Huang, D Ding, F Wu, L Kong, F Zhang, X Ni, Y Shi, H Zhao, J Chen
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.06074, 2021
Titanium Nitride Film on Sapphire Substrate with Low Dielectric Loss for Superconducting Qubits
H Deng, Z Song, R Gao, T Xia, F Bao, X Jiang, HS Ku, Z Li, X Ma, J Qin, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.03528, 2022
Translation invariant tensor product states in a finite lattice system
JW Cai, QN Chen, HH Zhao, ZY Xie, MP Qin, ZC Wei, T Xiang
Chinese Physics B 20 (11), 117501, 2011
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