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The Arabidopsis DELLA RGA-LIKE3 Is a Direct Target of MYC2 and Modulates Jasmonate Signaling Responses
M Wild, JM Davière, S Cheminant, T Regnault, N Baumberger, D Heintz, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (8), 3307-3319, 2012
Arabidopsis histone methyltransferase SET DOMAIN GROUP8 mediates induction of the jasmonate/ethylene pathway genes in plant defense response to necrotrophic fungi
A Berr, EJ McCallum, A Alioua, D Heintz, T Heitz, WH Shen
Plant physiology 154 (3), 1403-1414, 2010
A BAHD acyltransferase is expressed in the tapetum of Arabidopsis anthers and is involved in the synthesis of hydroxycinnamoyl spermidines
E Grienenberger, S Besseau, P Geoffroy, D Debayle, D Heintz, C Lapierre, ...
The Plant Journal 58 (2), 246-259, 2009
LAP6/POLYKETIDE SYNTHASE A and LAP5/POLYKETIDE SYNTHASE B Encode Hydroxyalkyl α-Pyrone Synthases Required for Pollen Development and Sporopollenin …
SS Kim, E Grienenberger, B Lallemand, CC Colpitts, SY Kim, CA Souza, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (12), 4045-4066, 2010
Analysis of TETRAKETIDE α-PYRONE REDUCTASE Function in Arabidopsis thaliana Reveals a Previously Unknown, but Conserved, Biochemical Pathway in …
E Grienenberger, SS Kim, B Lallemand, P Geoffroy, D Heintz, CA Souza, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (12), 4067-4083, 2010
Gene clusters involved in anaerobic benzoate degradation of Geobacter metallireducens
S Wischgoll, D Heintz, F Peters, A Erxleben, E Sarnighausen, R Reski, ...
Molecular microbiology 58 (5), 1238-1252, 2005
Evolution of a novel phenolic pathway for pollen development
M Matsuno, V Compagnon, GA Schoch, M Schmitt, D Debayle, ...
Science 325 (5948), 1688-1692, 2009
Structural, functional, and evolutionary analysis of the unusually large stilbene synthase gene family in grapevine
C Parage, R Tavares, S Réty, R Baltenweck-Guyot, A Poutaraud, ...
Plant Physiology 160 (3), 1407-1419, 2012
Identification and characterization of the tungsten-containing class of benzoyl-coenzyme A reductases
JW Kung, C Löffler, K Dörner, D Heintz, S Gallien, A Van Dorsselaer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (42), 17687-17692, 2009
The gibberellin precursor GA12 acts as a long-distance growth signal in Arabidopsis
T Regnault, JM Davière, M Wild, L Sakvarelidze-Achard, D Heintz, ...
Nature Plants 1 (6), 1-6, 2015
Proteomic analyses of somatic and zygotic embryos of Cyclamen persicum Mill. reveal new insights into seed and germination physiology
T Winkelmann, D Heintz, A Van Dorsselaer, M Serek, HP Braun
Planta 224, 508-519, 2006
Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) controls diacylglycerol kinase activity in neurons
R Tabet, E Moutin, JAJ Becker, D Heintz, L Fouillen, E Flatter, W Krężel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (26), E3619-E3628, 2016
Study of Anoxic and Oxic Cholesterol Metabolism by Sterolibacterium denitrificans
YR Chiang, W Ismail, D Heintz, C Schaeffer, A Van Dorsselaer, G Fuchs
Journal of bacteriology 190 (3), 905-914, 2008
Protease A activity and nitrogen fractions released during alcoholic fermentation and autolysis in enological conditions
H Alexandre, D Heintz, D Chassagne, M Guilloux-Benatier, C Charpentier, ...
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 26, 235-240, 2001
Early manganese‐toxicity response in Vigna unguiculata L. – a proteomic and transcriptomic study
H Führs, M Hartwig, LEB Molina, D Heintz, A Van Dorsselaer, HP Braun, ...
Proteomics 8 (1), 149-159, 2008
The gibberellin biosynthetic genes AtKAO1 and AtKAO2 have overlapping roles throughout Arabidopsis development
T Regnault, JM Davière, D Heintz, T Lange, P Achard
The Plant Journal 80 (3), 462-474, 2014
Characterization of leaf apoplastic peroxidases and metabolites in Vigna unguiculata in response to toxic manganese supply and silicon
H Führs, S Götze, A Specht, A Erban, S Gallien, D Heintz, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 60 (6), 1663-1678, 2009
The seed composition of Arabidopsis mutants for the group 3 sulfate transporters indicates a role in sulfate translocation within developing seeds
H Zuber, JC Davidian, G Aubert, D Aimé, M Belghazi, R Lugan, D Heintz, ...
Plant Physiology 154 (2), 913-926, 2010
Physiological and proteomic characterization of manganese sensitivity and tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) in comparison with barley (Hordeum vulgare)
H Führs, C Behrens, S Gallien, D Heintz, A Van Dorsselaer, HP Braun, ...
Annals of Botany 105 (7), 1129-1140, 2010
Comparative characterization of phosphatidic acid sensors and their localization during frustrated phagocytosis
N Kassas, E Tanguy, T Thahouly, L Fouillen, D Heintz, S Chasserot-Golaz, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (10), 4266-4279, 2017
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