Dabing Zhang
Dabing Zhang
The University of Adelaide and Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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Biological synthesis of nanoparticles from plants and microorganisms
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Cytochrome P450 family member CYP704B2 catalyzes the ω-hydroxylation of fatty acids and is required for anther cutin biosynthesis and pollen exine formation in rice
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The putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase RDR6 acts synergistically with ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 and 2 to repress BREVIPEDICELLUS and microRNA165/166 in Arabidopsis leaf development
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Validation of a Rice Specific Gene, Sucrose Phosphate Synthase, Used as the Endogenous Reference Gene for Qualitative and Real-Time Quantitative PCR …
J Ding, J Jia, L Yang, H Wen, C Zhang, W Liu, D Zhang
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52 (11), 3372-3377, 2004
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