Thomas Budde
Thomas Budde
Apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Neurophysiology, University of Münster
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Absence epilepsy and sinus dysrhythmia in mice lacking the pacemaker channel HCN2
A Ludwig, T Budde, J Stieber, S Moosmang, C Wahl, K Holthoff, ...
The EMBO journal, 2003
Calcium-dependent inactivation of neuronal calcium channels
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Endothelial TWIK-related potassium channel-1 (TREK1) regulates immune-cell trafficking into the CNS
S Bittner, T Ruck, MK Schuhmann, AM Herrmann, HMO Maati, N Bobak, ...
Nature medicine 19 (9), 1161-1165, 2013
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Prevention of Ca (2+)‐mediated action potentials in GABAergic local circuit neurones of rat thalamus by a transient K+ current.
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Cytotoxic CD8+ T cell–neuron interactions: perforin-dependent electrical silencing precedes but is not causally linked to neuronal cell death
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Correlation of T-channel coding gene expression, IT, and the low threshold Ca2+ spike in the thalamus of a rat model of absence epilepsy
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Lack of Regulation by Intracellular Ca2+ of the Hyper Polarization‐Activated Cation Current in Rat Thalamic Neurones
T Budde, G Biella, T Munsch, HC Pape
The Journal of physiology 503 (1), 79-85, 1997
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