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Scalable fabrication of deoxygenated graphene oxide nanofiltration membrane by continuous slot-die coating
JH Kim, Y Choi, J Kang, E Choi, SE Choi, O Kwon, DW Kim
Journal of membrane science 612, 118454, 2020
Fabrication techniques for graphene oxide-based molecular separation membranes: Towards industrial application
O Kwon, Y Choi, E Choi, M Kim, YC Woo, DW Kim
Nanomaterials 11 (3), 757, 2021
A comprehensive review of MXene-based water-treatment membranes and technologies: Recent progress and perspectives
O Kwon, Y Choi, J Kang, JH Kim, E Choi, YC Woo, DW Kim
Desalination 522, 115448, 2022
Large-Area Ti3C2Tx-MXene Coating: Toward Industrial-Scale Fabrication and Molecular Separation
JH Kim, GS Park, YJ Kim, E Choi, J Kang, O Kwon, SJ Kim, JH Cho, ...
ACS nano 15 (5), 8860-8869, 2021
Functionalized nanoporous graphene membrane with ultrafast and stable nanofiltration
J Kang, Y Choi, JH Kim, E Choi, SE Choi, O Kwon, DW Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 618, 118635, 2021
Graphene oxide nanoribbon hydrogel: viscoelastic behavior and use as a molecular separation membrane
Y Choi, SS Kim, JH Kim, J Kang, E Choi, SE Choi, JP Kim, O Kwon, ...
ACS nano 14 (9), 12195-12202, 2020
High–aspect ratio zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF) nanoplates for hydrocarbon separation membranes
O Kwon, M Kim, E Choi, JH Bae, S Yoo, JC Won, YH Kim, JH Shin, JS Lee, ...
Science Advances 8 (1), eabl6841, 2022
Enhanced stability of Ti3C2Tx MXene enabled by continuous ZIF-8 coating
E Choi, J Lee, YJ Kim, H Kim, M Kim, J Hong, YC Kang, CM Koo, DW Kim, ...
Carbon 191, 593-599, 2022
Pore tuning of metal‐organic framework membrane anchored on graphene‐oxide nanoribbon
E Choi, SJ Hong, YJ Kim, SE Choi, Y Choi, JH Kim, J Kang, O Kwon, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (17), 2011146, 2021
Carbon nanotube-supported graphene oxide nanoribbon bilayer membrane for high-performance diafiltration
Y Choi, J Kang, E Choi, JY Kim, JP Kim, JH Kim, O Kwon, DW Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 427, 131805, 2022
Ultrafast H 2-selective nanoporous multilayer graphene membrane prepared by confined thermal annealing
JP Kim, E Choi, J Kang, SE Choi, Y Choi, O Kwon, DW Kim
Chemical Communications 57 (70), 8730-8733, 2021
Graphene nanoribbon hybridization of zeolitic imidazolate framework membranes for intrinsic molecular separation
E Choi, JI Choi, YJ Kim, YJ Kim, K Eum, Y Choi, O Kwon, M Kim, W Choi, ...
Angewandte Chemie 134 (49), e202214269, 2022
Diamine vapor treatment of viscoelastic graphene oxide liquid crystal for gas barrier coating
SE Choi, SS Kim, E Choi, JH Kim, Y Choi, J Kang, O Kwon, DW Kim
Scientific reports 11 (1), 9518, 2021
CO 2-selective zeolitic imidazolate framework membrane on graphene oxide nanoribbons: experimental and theoretical studies
E Choi, SJ Hong, J Chen, YJ Kim, Y Choi, O Kwon, K Eum, JI Choi, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (45), 25595-25602, 2021
N‐Carbon‐Doped Binary Nanophase of Metal Oxide/Metal–Organic Framework for Extremely Sensitive and Selective Gas Response
H Min, O Kwon, J Lee, E Choi, J Kim, N Lee, K Eum, KH Lee, DW Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 36 (8), 2309041, 2024
Selective gas permeation through polymer-hybridized graphene oxide nanoribbon nanochannels: Towards enhanced H2/CO2 selectivity
H Ji, Y Choi, W Choi, E Choi, M Kim, JY Kim, O Kwon, Y Ji, DW Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 683, 121856, 2023
Hybridizing zeolite MFI nanosheets with PTMSP membranes for enhanced butane isomer separations
W Choi, J Park, E Choi, M Kim, H Ji, O Kwon, D Kim, DW Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 677, 121659, 2023
ZIF-8 nanoplate/6FDA-DAM membrane for hydrogen extraction from propane dehydrogenation process
M Kim, S Yoo, O Kwon, E Choi, W Choi, H Ji, JC Won, YH Kim, DW Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 685, 121952, 2023
Metal‐Organic Framework Membrane Hybridized with Graphitic Materials for Gas Separation
E Choi, O Kwon, C Hoo Lee, D Woo Kim
ChemPlusChem 88 (8), e202300173, 2023
Fabrication Techniques for Graphene Oxide-Based Molecular Separation Membranes: Towards Industrial Application. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 757
O Kwon, Y Choi, E Choi, M Kim, YC Woo, DW Kim
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