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X-ray powder diffraction analysis of silver behenate, a possible low-angle diffraction standard
TC Huang, H Toraya, TN Blanton, Y Wu
Journal of applied crystallography 26 (2), 180-184, 1993
The powder diffraction file: a quality materials characterization database
S Gates-Rector, T Blanton
Powder Diffraction 34 (4), 352-360, 2019
Vapochromism and its structural basis in a luminescent Pt (II) terpyridine− nicotinamide complex
TJ Wadas, QM Wang, Y Kim, C Flaschenreim, TN Blanton, R Eisenberg
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (51), 16841-16849, 2004
Circularly polarized light generated by photoexcitation of luminophores in glassy liquid-crystal films
SH Chen, D Katsis, AW Schmid, JC Mastrangelo, T Tsutsui, TN Blanton
Nature 397 (6719), 506-508, 1999
JCPDS—International Centre for Diffraction Data round robin study of silver behenate. A possible low-angle X-ray diffraction calibration standard
TN Blanton, TC Huang, H Toraya, CR Hubbard, SB Robie, D Louer, ...
Powder Diffraction 10 (2), 91-95, 1995
Ultrahigh vacuum metalorganic chemical vapor deposition growth and in situ characterization of epitaxial TiO2 films
S Chen, MG Mason, HJ Gysling, GR Paz‐Pujalt, TN Blanton, T Castro, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 11 (5 …, 1993
Molecular design of single-source precursors for 3-6 semiconductor films: control of phase and stoichiometry in indium selenide (InxSey) films deposited by a spray MOCVD …
HJ Gysling, AA Wernberg, TN Blanton
Chemistry of materials 4 (4), 900-905, 1992
Epitaxial LiTaO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition
JA Agostinelli, GH Braunstein, TN Blanton
Applied physics letters 63 (2), 123-125, 1993
Preparation of zinc sulfide thin films by ultrasonic spray pyrolsis from bis (diethyldithiocarbamato) zinc (II)
RD Pike, H Cui, R Kershaw, K Dwight, A Wold, TN Blanton, AA Wernberg, ...
Thin solid films 224 (2), 221-226, 1993
X-ray diffraction characterization of polymer intercalated graphite oxide
TN Blanton, D Majumdar
Powder Diffraction 27 (2), 104-107, 2012
Epitaxial growth of lithium niobate thin films from a single‐source organometallic precursor using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
AA Wernberg, HJ Gysling, AJ Filo, TN Blanton
Applied physics letters 62 (9), 946-948, 1993
Epitaxial growth of MgO on (100) GaAs using ultrahigh vacuum electron‐beam evaporation
LS Hung, LR Zheng, TN Blanton
Applied Physics Letters 60 (25), 3129-3131, 1992
Structural, thermal, and spectral characterization of the different crystalline forms of Alq3, tris (quinolin-8-olato) aluminum (III), an electroluminescent material in OLED …
M Rajeswaran, TN Blanton, CW Tang, WC Lenhart, SC Switalski, ...
Polyhedron 28 (4), 835-843, 2009
The simple yet elusive crystal structure of silver acetate and the role of the Ag− Ag bond in the formation of silver nanoparticles during the thermally induced reduction of …
LP Olson, DR Whitcomb, M Rajeswaran, TN Blanton, BJ Stwertka
Chemistry of materials 18 (6), 1667-1674, 2006
Spontaneous formation of an exfoliated polystyrene− clay nanocomposite using a star-shaped polymer
DR Robello, N Yamaguchi, T Blanton, C Barnes
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (26), 8118-8119, 2004
Polymer nanocomposites with a low thermal expansion coefficient
YQ Rao, TN Blanton
Macromolecules 41 (3), 935-941, 2008
Novel Glassy Nematic Liquid Crystals for Non‐destructive Rewritable Optical Memory and Photonic Switching
SH Chen, HMP Chen, Y Geng, SD Jacobs, KL Marshall, TN Blanton
Advanced Materials 15 (13), 1061-1065, 2003
Preparation of silver behenate coatings to provide low-to mid-angle diffraction calibration
TN Blanton, CL Barnes, M Lelental
Journal of applied crystallography 33 (1), 172-173, 2000
Characterization of X-ray irradiated graphene oxide coatings using X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopy
TN Blanton, D Majumdar
Powder Diffraction 28 (2), 68-71, 2013
In situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction characterization of silver sulfide, Ag2S
T Blanton, S Misture, N Dontula, S Zdzieszynski
Powder Diffraction 26 (2), 114-118, 2011
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