Susanne U. Franssen
Susanne U. Franssen
Division of Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich
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Combining experimental evolution with next-generation sequencing: a powerful tool to study adaptation from standing genetic variation
C Schlötterer, R Kofler, E Versace, R Tobler, SU Franssen
Heredity 114 (5), 431-440, 2015
Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of the highly complex Pisum sativum genome using next generation sequencing
SU Franssen, RP Shrestha, A Bräutigam, E Bornberg-Bauer, APM Weber
BMC genomics 12, 1-16, 2011
Transcriptomic resilience to global warming in the seagrass Zostera marina, a marine foundation species
SU Franssen, J Gu, N Bergmann, G Winters, UC Klostermeier, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (48), 19276-19281, 2011
Massive Habitat-Specific Genomic Response in D. melanogaster Populations during Experimental Evolution in Hot and Cold Environments
R Tobler, SU Franssen, R Kofler, P Orozco-terWengel, V Nolte, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (2), 364-375, 2014
Global genome diversity of the Leishmania donovani complex
SU Franssen, C Durrant, O Stark, B Moser, T Downing, H Imamura, ...
Elife 9, e51243, 2020
Genome-wide transcriptomic responses of the seagrasses Zostera marina and Nanozostera noltii under a simulated heatwave confirm functional types
SU Franssen, J Gu, G Winters, AK Huylmans, I Wienpahl, M Sparwel, ...
Marine Genomics 15, 65-73, 2014
Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium and Long Range Hitchhiking in Evolving Experimental Drosophila melanogaster Populations
SU Franssen, V Nolte, R Tobler, C Schlötterer
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (2), 495-509, 2015
Phylogeographic differentiation versus transcriptomic adaptation to warm temperatures in Zostera marina, a globally important seagrass
A Jueterbock, SU Franssen, N Bergmann, J Gu, JA Coyer, TBH Reusch, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (21), 5396-5411, 2016
Identifying core features of adaptive metabolic mechanisms for chronic heat stress attenuation contributing to systems robustness
J Gu, K Weber, E Klemp, G Winters, SU Franssen, I Wienpahl, ...
Integrative Biology 4 (5), 480-493, 2012
Allelic imbalance metre (A llim), a new tool for measuring allele‐specific gene expression with RNA‐seq data
RV Pandey, SU Franssen, A Futschik, C Schlötterer
Molecular ecology resources 13 (4), 740-745, 2013
Uncovering the genetic signature of quantitative trait evolution with replicated time series data
SU Franssen, R Kofler, C Schlötterer
Heredity 118 (1), 42-51, 2017
Reconstruction of haplotype-blocks selected during experimental evolution
SU Franssen, NH Barton, C Schlötterer
Molecular biology and evolution, msw210, 2016
Intra-Specific Regulatory Variation in Drosophila pseudoobscura
A Suvorov, V Nolte, RV Pandey, SU Franssen, A Futschik, C Schlötterer
PLoS One 8 (12), e83547, 2013
Immunological factors, but not clinical features, predict visceral leishmaniasis relapse in patients co-infected with HIV
Y Takele, T Mulaw, E Adem, CJ Shaw, SU Franssen, R Womersley, ...
Cell Reports Medicine 3 (1), 2022
Utility of H3-Genesequences for phylogenetic reconstruction-heterobranch Gastropoda-*
A Dinapoli, C Tamer, S Franssen, L Naduvilezhath, A Klussmann-Kolb
Bonner Zoologische Beiträge 55 (3/4), 191-202, 2006
Genomic analysis of natural intra-specific hybrids among Ethiopian isolates of Leishmania donovani
JA Cotton, C Durrant, SU Franssen, T Gelanew, A Hailu, D Mateus, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 14 (4), e0007143, 2020
High rates of phasing errors in highly polymorphic species with low levels of linkage disequilibrium
M Bukowicki, SU Franssen, C Schlötterer
Molecular ecology resources 16 (4), 874-882, 2016
Diversity and within-host evolution of Leishmania donovani from visceral leishmaniasis patients with and without HIV coinfection in northern Ethiopia
SU Franssen, Y Takele, E Adem, MJ Sanders, I Müller, P Kropf, JA Cotton
MBio 12 (3), 10.1128/mbio. 00971-21, 2021
Recurrent visceral leishmaniasis relapses in HIV co-infected patients are characterized by less efficient immune responses and higher parasite load
Y Takele, T Mulaw, E Adem, R Womersley, M Kaforou, SU Franssen, ...
Iscience 26 (2), 2023
Impaired in vitro Interferon-γ production in patients with visceral leishmaniasis is improved by inhibition of PD1/PDL-1 ligation
Y Takele, E Adem, SU Franssen, R Womersley, M Kaforou, M Levin, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 16 (6), e0010544, 2022
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