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Dietary pectic glycans are degraded by coordinated enzyme pathways in human colonic Bacteroides
AS Luis, J Briggs, X Zhang, B Farnell, D Ndeh, A Labourel, A Baslé, ...
Nature microbiology 3 (2), 210-219, 2018
Do rumen Bacteroidetes utilize an alternative mechanism for cellulose degradation?
AE Naas, AK Mackenzie, J Mravec, J Schückel, WGT Willats, VGH Eijsink, ...
MBio 5 (4), 2014
One-copper laccase-related enzyme from Marasmius sp.: purification, characterization and bleaching of textile dyes
J Schückel, A Matura, KH Van Pee
Enzyme and microbial technology 48 (3), 278-284, 2011
Characterization of three plant biomass-degrading microbial consortia by metagenomics-and metasecretomics-based approaches
DJ Jiménez, MJ de Lima Brossi, J Schückel, SK Kračun, WGT Willats, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 100 (24), 10463-10477, 2016
A new versatile microarray-based method for high throughput screening of carbohydrate-active enzymes
S Vidal-Melgosa, HL Pedersen, J Schückel, G Arnal, C Dumon, DB Amby, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (14), 9020-9036, 2015
Interspecies cross-feeding orchestrates carbon degradation in the rumen ecosystem
LM Solden, AE Naas, S Roux, RA Daly, WB Collins, CD Nicora, ...
Nature microbiology 3 (11), 1274-1284, 2018
A new generation of versatile chromogenic substrates for high-throughput analysis of biomass-degrading enzymes
SK Kračun, J Schückel, B Westereng, LG Thygesen, RN Monrad, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 8 (1), 70, 2015
A gene‐fusion approach to enabling plant cytochromes P450 for biocatalysis
J Schückel, EL Rylott, G Grogan, NC Bruce
ChemBioChem 13 (18), 2758-2763, 2012
A polysaccharide utilization locus from an uncultured bacteroidetes phylotype suggests ecological adaptation and substrate versatility
AK Mackenzie, AE Naas, SK Kracun, J Schückel, JU Fangel, JW Agger, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (1), 187-195, 2015
Complexity of the Ruminococcus flavefaciens cellulosome reflects an expansion in glycan recognition
I Venditto, AS Luis, M Rydahl, J Schückel, VO Fernandes, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (26), 7136-7141, 2016
Enzyme activities at different stages of plant biomass decomposition in three species of fungus-growing termites
RR da Costa, H Hu, B Pilgaard, SME Vreeburg, J Schückel, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (5), 2018
Pea border cell maturation and release involve complex cell wall structural dynamics
J Mravec, X Guo, AR Hansen, J Schückel, SK Kračun, MD Mikkelsen, ...
Plant Physiology 174 (2), 1051-1066, 2017
Investigating the relationship between grape cell wall polysaccharide composition and the extractability of phenolic compounds into Shiraz wines. Part I: Vintage and ripeness …
G Garrido-Bañuelos, A Buica, J Schückel, AJJ Zietsman, WGT Willats, ...
Food chemistry 278, 36-46, 2019
Investigating the relationship between cell wall polysaccharide composition and the extractability of grape phenolic compounds into Shiraz wines. Part II: Extractability during …
G Garrido-Bañuelos, A Buica, J Schückel, AJJ Zietsman, WGT Willats, ...
Food chemistry 278, 26-35, 2019
Kluyveromyces marxianus Secretes a Pectinase in Shiraz Grape Must That Impacts Technological Properties and Aroma Profile of Wine
S Rollero, AJJ Zietsman, F Buffetto, J Schückel, A Ortiz-Julien, B Divol
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 66 (44), 11739-11747, 2018
Do rumen Bacteroidetes utilize an alternative mechanism for cellulose degradation? mBio 5: e01401-14
AE Naas, AK Mackenzie, J Mravec, J Schückel, WG Willats, VG Eijsink, ...
Grape pomace fermentation and cell wall degradation by Kluyveromyces marxianus Y885
DL Williams, J Schückel, MA Vivier, F Buffetto, AJJ Zietsman
Biochemical Engineering Journal 150, 107282, 2019
High-throughput screening of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes using novel insoluble chromogenic substrate assay kits
J Schückel, SK Kračun, WGT Willats
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e54286, 2016
The impact of carbohydrate-active enzymes on mediating cell wall polysaccharide-tannin interactions in a wine-like matrix
A Osete-Alcaraz, E Gómez-Plaza, P Martínez-Pérez, F Weiller, J Schückel, ...
Food Research International 129, 108889, 2020
High-throughput analysis of endogenous fruit glycosyl hydrolases using a novel chromogenic hydrogel substrate assay
J Schückel, SK Kračun, TF Lausen, WGT Willats, B Jørgensen
Analytical Methods 9 (8), 1242-1247, 2017
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