Rebecca Kimball
Rebecca Kimball
Professor of Biology, University of Florida
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A phylogenomic study of birds reveals their evolutionary history
SJ Hackett, RT Kimball, S Reddy, RCK Bowie, EL Braun, MJ Braun, ...
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A well-tested set of primers to amplify regions spread across the avian genome
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Dispersers shape fruit diversity in Ficus (Moraceae)
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Co‐phylogeography and comparative population genetics of the threatened Galápagos hawk and three ectoparasite species: ecology shapes population histories within parasite …
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Avoiding missing data biases in phylogenomic inference: an empirical study in the landfowl (Aves: Galliformes)
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Sexual ornamentation, condition, and immune defence in the house sparrow Passer domesticus
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Analysis of a Rapid Evolutionary Radiation Using Ultraconserved Elements: Evidence for a Bias in Some Multispecies Coalescent Methods
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Error in phylogenetic estimation for bushes in the tree of life
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Phylogeography of the Galápagos hawk (Buteo galapagoensis): a recent arrival to the Galápagos Islands
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A multigene phylogeny of Galliformes supports a single origin of erectile ability in non‐feathered facial traits
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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 19 (2), 187-201, 2001
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