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Volcanic arcs fed by rapid pulsed fluid flow through subducting slabs
T John, N Gussone, YY Podladchikov, GE Bebout, R Dohmen, R Halama, ...
Nature Geoscience 5 (7), 489-492, 2012
Trace element variations in clinopyroxene and amphibole from alkaline to peralkaline syenites and granites: implications for mineral–melt trace-element partitioning
M Marks, R Halama, T Wenzel, G Markl
Chemical geology 211 (3-4), 185-215, 2004
The Grønnedal-Ika carbonatite–syenite complex, South Greenland: carbonatite formation by liquid immiscibility
R Halama, T Vennemann, W Siebel, G Markl
Journal of Petrology 46 (1), 191-217, 2005
Subducted seamounts in an eclogite-facies ophiolite sequence: the Andean Raspas Complex, SW Ecuador
T John, EE Scherer, V Schenk, P Herms, R Halama, D Garbe-Schönberg
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 159 (2), 265-284, 2010
Correlation of seismic and petrologic thermometers suggests deep thermal anomalies beneath hotspots
AM Courtier, MG Jackson, JF Lawrence, Z Wang, CTA Lee, R Halama, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 264 (1-2), 308-316, 2007
Tracking the lithium isotopic evolution of the mantle using carbonatites
R Halama, WF McDonough, RL Rudnick, K Bell
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 265 (3-4), 726-742, 2008
Insights into Li and Li isotope cycling and sub-arc metasomatism from veined mantle xenoliths, Kamchatka
R Halama, IP Savov, RL Rudnick, WF McDonough
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 158 (2), 197-222, 2009
Crustal contamination of mafic magmas: evidence from a petrological, geochemical and Sr–Nd–Os–O isotopic study of the Proterozoic Isortoq dike swarm, South Greenland
R Halama, M Marks, G Brügmann, W Siebel, T Wenzel, G Markl
Lithos 74 (3-4), 199-232, 2004
Nitrogen recycling in subducted mantle rocks and implications for the global nitrogen cycle
R Halama, GE Bebout, T John, M Scambelluri
International Journal of Earth Sciences 103 (7), 2081-2099, 2014
The Li isotopic composition of Oldoinyo Lengai: nature of the mantle sources and lack of isotopic fractionation during carbonatite petrogenesis
R Halama, WF McDonough, RL Rudnick, J Keller, J Klaudius
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 254 (1-2), 77-89, 2007
A stable (Li, O) and radiogenic (Sr, Nd) isotope perspective on metasomatic processes in a subducting slab
R Halama, T John, P Herms, F Hauff, V Schenk
Chemical Geology 281 (3-4), 151-166, 2011
Nitrogen recycling in subducted oceanic lithosphere: the record in high-and ultrahigh-pressure metabasaltic rocks
R Halama, GE Bebout, T John, V Schenk
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (5), 1636-1652, 2010
Tracing the effects of high-pressure metasomatic fluids and seawater alteration in blueschist-facies overprinted eclogites: Implications for subduction channel processes
F van der Straaten, R Halama, T John, V Schenk, F Hauff, N Andersen
Chemical Geology 292, 69-87, 2012
Combined thermodynamic–geochemical modeling in metamorphic geology: boron as tracer of fluid–rock interaction
M Konrad-Schmolke, R Halama
Lithos 208, 393-414, 2014
Effects of fluid–rock interaction on 40Ar/39Ar geochronology in high-pressure rocks (Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps)
R Halama, M Konrad-Schmolke, M Sudo, HR Marschall, M Wiedenbeck
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 126, 475-494, 2014
Lithium and its isotopes in tourmaline as indicators of the crystallization process in the San Diego County pegmatites, California, USA
JS Maloney, PI Nabelek, MLC Sirbescu, R Halama
European Journal of Mineralogy 20 (5), 905-916, 2008
Geochemical and isotopic zoning patterns of plagioclase megacrysts in gabbroic dykes from the Gardar Province, South Greenland: implications for crystallisation processes in …
R Halama, T Waight, G Markl
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 144 (1), 109-127, 2002
A geochemical and Sr-Nd-O isotopic study of the Proterozoic Eriksfjord Basalts, Gardar Province, South Greenland: Reconstruction of an OIB signature in crustally contaminated …
R Halama, T Wenzel, BGJ Upton, W Siebel, G Markl
Mineralogical Magazine 67 (5), 831-853, 2003
Volatile (H2O, CO2, Cl, S) budget of the Central American subduction zone
A Freundt, I Grevemeyer, W Rabbel, TH Hansteen, C Hensen, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 103 (7), 2101-2127, 2014
Crystallization conditions and petrogenesis of the lava dome from the∼ 900 years BP eruption of Cerro Machín Volcano, Colombia
K Laeger, R Halama, T Hansteen, IP Savov, HF Murcia, GP Cortés, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 48, 193-208, 2013
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